DIY Celtic Knot Pillow

This year, while out looking for St. Patrick’s Day inspiration, our eyes fell on Celtic knots and we decided they were the perfect thing to DIY into home decor! If you’ve ever seen a Celtic knot before, you know that their simplicity hides a maze of interwoven, endless twists.

However, with our magical Celtic Knot Pillows we turned that complexity into an easy DIY that creates a beautifully crafted pillow for your home. Who knows, you may make this pillow for St. Patrick’s Day and then decided you want to keep it around a little longer! After all, if they bring a bit of luck into your house for the holiday, why not keep them around for the rest of spring?

You’ll Need:

DIY Celtic Knot Pillow Tutorial

You can find the Celtic Pillow instructions in our e-book here.

If you don’t feel up to sewing, though, you’ll want to check out a few of our favorite pillow picks from our roundup! There, we’ll walk you through selecting the perfect pillow accent for any room design. We are ALL about keeping as many cozy, pretty pillows on hand as we can!

Shop the look:

Mustard futon  |  Blue and green artwork by Abby Clawson Low  |  Teal Tea set 

Be sure to tag us with #Luckylars so we can see your celtic pillows!


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