easter activity craft kit
springtime quarantine activity craft kit

Activity Filled Easter Baskets

With this season being spent social distancing all around the world, 2020 Easter celebrations will be a little different. Instead of filling this year’s easter baskets with the normal sweet treats, create themed baskets full of quarantine activities that will keep your kids busy and happy! Below you will find curated baskets for your little artist – complete with our brand new color-your-own bunny paper dolls, egg shaped erasers and more – everything you need for baby’s first Easter, and of course we had to include a rainbow themed basket! That is only the beginning. Explore all of our ideas to create personal fun-filled easter basket for the people you love!

Easter baskets by age

If you would still like a classic Easter themed basket this year, here are our age-appropriate favorites to add!

Baby’s First Easter

easter baby bunny bonnets on twins for baby's first easter

Imagine your newborn baby in those precious bunny booties. Ah! To add a special handmade gift our new Baby Bunny Bonnet tutorial will help you create a gift you can pass down through the family for Easters to come.


easter kids gift socks for easter baskets

Elementary School

easter hair clip gifts for easter baskets

After our Valentine’s Day hair clips were such a hit, we were so excited to offer these easter hair clips! They come with our exclusive printable card to complete the gift! Find all our clip options here!

For a friend

compliment cards

If you are missing a friend you can’t visit right now, and want to send them some sunshine, make a little easter basket and leave it at their door! Fill it with our new printable compliment cards to bring an extra big smile to their face

Easter baskets by theme

The best way to keep your kids busy is to personalize their easter baskets to what they love most. We have ideas for your budding gardener, artist, chef and more! Even the basket and the wrapping can match the theme!

Little Gardner

easter kid bunny visor for easter baskets

Spring has sprung and now is the time to get your kids excited about growing their own garden! Plus a bonus tip, kids are way more excited to eat vegetables they grew themselves! We give this themed easter basket a major green thumbs up

Rainbow themed

rainbow craft kit for easter baskets

It wouldn’t be a Lars Easter without something rainbow themed! Our new Springtime Activity Kit comes with a pack of origami paper, colored pens, colored hot glue gun stick, rainbow washi tape and that’s not all! The kit was designed to complete the perfect quarantine activity Easter basket

Little Artist

easter coloring page download for easter baskets

Your creative kiddo’s amazing ideas will be flowing for hours thanks to these colorful and eco-friendly craft supplies!

Little Chef

wooden baby toys for easter baskets

Getting your kids in the kitchen means you might have a chance at a personal chef in the future 😉 These children’s recipe books are interactive and exciting! Set them up with their own kid-sized apron, some spring themed cookie cutters, and see what they cook up!

Baskets & Filling

Everything you need to put the finishing touches on your Easter baskets! Fill the bottom of the basket with colorful paper to make the gift seem fuller and more complete. Remember to stick to your theme!

Visit our Easter Shop online to find more activities to fill any Easter basket!


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