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Jane Was Here: an illustrated guide to Jane Austen’s England

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  • Tyman Ung says

    Your book sounds great!
    In Jane Austen s time in UK and other European and N and S American countries there were already active
    abolition, women s, workers etc movements that resisted
    and sometimes won (UK abolished slave trade in 1807 then sent its navy to arrest slavers abd to free Africans on board— 1 ofJane Austen s brothers was involved, and she was a fan of. abolitionist poet William Cowper for example
    So a time traveling 21st century feminist would have fellow sisters and comrades–‘ embattled but sooner or later some successes (1st Euro women feminist thinker
    started in late medieval!!! perhaps with French Italian author Christine De Pisan, followed by Renaissance and
    Baroque English Italian etc women— main authors have
    “their” websites.
    Hope this helps.
    .Tyman Ung,
    PS Perhaps current feminists can expand the 1960s or 70s origin slogan Sisterhood is powerful—and started early and keeps on going? ( or similar but better wording— from past to present, or etc?