DIY Rainbow Painted Sun Hat

DIY Painted Rainbow Sun Hat

I’ve never quite jumped on the tanning bandwagon, perhaps due to disappointment with sunless tanning lotions. Or maybe it’s because of an abundance of adorable swimsuit coverups and sunhats! It can be hard to find the perfect hat for the summer, so we took matters into our own hands and made our own! Behold, the power of craft! This DIY Painted Rainbow Sun Hat is a perfect balance of classic and colorful. It’s a basic rattan, wide-brim hat, and did we mention it’s from Ikea? But underneath, there’s a peekaboo rainbow. Surprise surprise! It’s super simple and we can assure you you’ll get plenty of compliments. Hats off to you in your DIY Painted Rainbow Sun Hat!

The sun has been shining pretty much nonstop for a while now. It’s making me wonder why I even tolerate winter! And then I remember my obsession with tights… Nevertheless, this California-bred girl loves the warm weather! Beachy accessories are some of my favorite kinds of accessories partially because they are endlessly effortless. A long gauzy scarf can be worn in any number of ways, each more chic than the last. Sun hats are similar – all you have to do is put it on your head! It’s a great way to protect your hair and skin from the sun or cover up a bad hair day all the while adding some flair to your ‘fit.

This particular sun hat is a current favorite. For one thing, the rattan material is super trendy right now! I’ve been seeing it everywhere – furniture, shoes, purses, you name it! Here are some of my favorite rattan pieces for the home, and here’s another rattan DIY, but this time with a mirror!

I’m sure that you can use the same technique used to make the DIY Rainbow Painted Sun Hat on any other rattan pieces. Part of what I love about this particular DIY is that you can implement the same idea on whatever you have, and it’s foolproof! Color is my favorite thing, and being able to customize pieces I love with colors I love is just too fun. I can’t wait to see what you make!

DIY Rainbow Painted Sun HatContinue on for the full DIY

DIY Rainbow Painted Sun Hat

DIY Rainbow Painted Sun Hat

DIY Painted Rainbow Sun Hat


  • Woven sun hat. We bought ours from Ikea (for $3!)
  • Acrylic Paint in coral, pink, yellow, green, purple
  • Foam Paintbrush

DIY Rainbow Painted Sun HatInstructions:

  1. Measure out even rings around the bottom rim of the hat and mark with small pencil marks
  2. Beginning from the outside, paint rings of color within the marked perimeters. Be careful not to push down too hard with the paintbrush so that the paint does not leak to the top rim of the hat.
  3. Let dry.

Wear your hat to the beach, the pool, or the garden and brighten everyone’s day!DIY Rainbow Painted Sun Hat

Photography by Anna Killian | Crafting by Rebecca Young


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