Floral-inspired swimwear with Limericki

I’m thrilled to share our new collection of swimwear with Lime Ricki! This collection has been over a year in the making and I’m so glad it’s finally here just in time for better weather (hopefully??! I mean, I don’t know about you, but I still see the snow on my lawn! Ha!). I hear some of you are going on a trip to Hawaii and a cruise pretty soon. Tip: your suit is here! And also–can I come too?!?

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Floral-inspired swimsuit with Lime Ricki

When we first discussed a partnership together, the team at Lime Ricki came with a mood board and I knew it would be love from that moment. They wanted a collection inspired by Scandinavian florals–we knew just what to do.

I immediately began thinking about the florals I was inspired by when I lived in Denmark: wild flowers, daisies, meadows. I wanted to bring them together in celebratory prints in colors that reminded me of my time there.

At the same time, you know we love a good patchwork moment and pairing of prints so we wanted to try that out on swimsuits. We took the shape of the patterns and together with the Lime Ricki team, figured out how to highlight a mix of patterns while also creating a shape that was flattering.

Our 4 patterned floral collection

We created 4 patterns for the collection and each one is named after a famous flower-loving Dane. Let me tell you about them. And let me also include a pronunciation guide because not everyone on the team has wrapped their brain around it yet (ha!).

Margrethe: [Mar-great-uh]

Our sweet daisy print is named after the current Queen of Denmark, Queen Margrethe II. Her name actually means daisy and so this is our ode to her. Also fun fact: Did you know that there is a route in Denmark that is 3600km long and takes you to the most beautiful parts of Denmark? It’s called the Margrethe route and the signs have a big daisy on it!


Blixen is our moody wildflower print and is named after author Karen Blixen, who famously wrote Out of Africa. Every time I go back to Denmark I visit her beautiful home on the east shore of Sjaelland. She was a huge flower lover and kept a gorgeous wild garden that is still maintained today. One of her hobbies was to create impeccable arrangements from these flowers.

Tage: [tay-uh]

I wrote about my love of floral artist and sculptor, Tage Andersen, years ago here on Lars. Think of Claude Monet transplanted in modern times though the wardrobe stays the same. His shop in downtown Copenhagen is other worldly. He also transformed a Swedish country palace into a remarkable farm and home with his handmade sculptors and gardens. Visiting Gunillaberg changed my life. He is a famous floral artist to the queen. We named our gingham after him for his refined eye.

Claus [not like Santa, but like clow-s]:

Claus Dalby is probably Denmark’s most famous gardener. He has a charming youtube channel where he teaches how to recreate his famous tulip container gardens and other marvelous gardening tips. Our yellow oversized floral print is named after him because of his exuberant use of the floral form in his Aarhus gardens.

New suits to the collection

We introduced a couple of new shapes to the collection including a rash guard and a dress that has a suit underneath) as well as this one piece inspired by a patchwork quilt. It’s perfect. In fact, on a personal trip to France for my 40th in September, Jane and I did a quick shoot at the calanques in Provence and our model loved this one the most. She said the fit was perfect. I’ll take it!

Why we partnered with Lime Ricki

There were many reasons why we decided to partner with Lime Ricki aside from our shared love of color and fun. I wanted to name a few incase you’re new to their brand.

The fit

You know when you just want to swim and be active and you don’t want your boobs hanging out? It is seriously so hard! I don’t want it to be a factor! These suits are designed to keep you comfortable and flattering without having to adjust anything all day. There is a suit for every comfort level and every shape. And they don’t skimp out on details–it’s lined where it needs to be lined and cupped where it needs to be cupped.

Speaking of!


There is no right size here–it’s for everyone. They have sizes from XXS to 4X. Period.

All-women owned and run

In honor of International Women’s Day, I’m proud to associate with a fellow all women run company. It’s run by Nicole, Jennifer, and Colette. Their bio is insane (read about them here), but just know that they have traveled the world and know how to do it right! We’ve had a wonderful experience with these kind, smart, compassionate women. I wish you could know them in person–they are the best part of their company!


Lime Ricki is based here in Utah and they have two stores, one here in Provo and the other in Salt Lake. We even get to do their window displays for the launch so please check it out!

They make their suits in Mexico City and in Los Angeles at responsible companies. I love that they do their homework!

Where to find Lime Ricki

Anywhoo, I could go on and on and on, but please know, Lime Ricki is the real deal–everything you could want in a company–thoughtful, responsible, fun, adventurous, looking out for the customer.

I’m worried it might sell out before you get one, so I’d recommend jumping on the train now! Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever!

Here’s where to shop the collection


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