Lime Ricki launch party

We celebrated the launch of our Lime Ricki collaboration on March 9th and had an absolute ball! It was our first party post-COVID and we couldn’t have asked for a better turn out and energy. Let me show you all the deets!

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Lime Ricki Launch Party!

We held our launch party the day the collection debuted. The event captured the energy we’ve been experiencing behind the scenes. This collection has been over a year in the making and we had to make it FUN and celebratory especially since we can see people again!

This is Lauren and Hannah from the Lime Ricki creative team. They are full of beautiful ideas and ensured a really wonderful collection. So appreciative of their guidance on this whole thing! 

Photo booth station

Here’s me and Jenny, who is on my team, showing off the cute cards we made for the night. We had our popular Blixen pattern on the back and the Lime Ricki team had collected a bunch of cute washi tapes and stickers where you could make your own cute frame. It turned out so well!

Jenny was the running heartbeat of this collaboration. She kept everything on time, in motion, and super smooth. I’m so lucky to have her!

Floral window display

Earlier that week we installed the 2D paper flowers we had made for the photo shoot. All the sisters came down to install it with us because they have that all hands on deck mentality. I love how it turned out!

We also placed some around the store. We also included some of our photos from the shoot around the store. LOVE them!

Live models

We had a few models walking around the shop during the party to show off the collection including the one piece Blixen, which is now almost sold out!

Speaking at the event

Jennifer, one of the three sisters who runs Lime Ricki, talked for a bit about the collaboration. She runs the financials of the company.

Then I spoke about the collaboration. I talked about the power of collaboration–how there’s a magic that comes from working together.


Look at this packed house!

Daughters of the owners in the house!

The bandanas arrived just in the knick of time!

The Lime Ricki team HAND STAMPED each of the 100 gift bags we handed out that evening. I still can’t believe it!


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Goody bags

They were filled with so many goodies: Scandinavian candy from Sockerbit, the best out there, a bandana from the collection, hair accessories, and more!

We stocked the Limericki store with some of our own products like our journals, notebooks, hair accessories, and stickers. You can find it in their shop! 

And here are some of the wonderful people who showed up!

My mom and sister 🙂

And my friends from my neighborhood–so sweet of them to come!

What a tremendous night it was–good people, good energy, trying on suits, having fun TOGETHER! I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Oh wait, I could have! One person missing from the event was Garet from our team who is located in North Carolina. She designed all of our prints and did a wonderful job. We missed you Garet!!!

Ok! That’s it! The suits are going quickly so I’d jump on it now!


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