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Guide to Spring City, Utah

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  • Jamie Webb says

    Hi! I’m a Friends of Spring City board member and we’d love to post some of your beautiful images on Instagram with a link to this post. Would that be ok? Thanks for your kind words and I hope to see you in Spring City on the 25th, my house is on the tour so make sure to say hi!

  • Kari says

    It was never a ghost town and anyone who ever labels that obviously isn’t a native from Spring City and doesn’t know Spring City as the farming town it was before artists changed it.

  • Allen D Roberts says

    I love Spring City too and once owned the Endowment House/Allred School, Relief Society granary and Judge Johnson House there. Presently I am writing a book entitled “Brigham’s Architects: Utah’s Pioneer Architect-builders and Their Works, 1847-1877. It’s about 90% done and it includes a chapter on Spring City’s architect-builders, of whom there about a dozen. I’ve written a section on each one, including a list and descriptions and photos of their key projects.

    If anyone would like to contribute relevant information, I’d be happy to receive it. I’m at: [email protected] and at 801-635-6918 in Salt Lake City.

    Cheers to all, Allen Roberts, FAIA

  • Kaye Watson says

    Some of the information in this 2016 article has been changed or is just inaccurate. Such as the church was started being built before 1897.