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Projects + Style / Monday, 27 Aug 2018

Lars Matisse-Shirt Collection

We’ve been obsessed with graphic tees lately, and they seem to be popping up everywhere. But what qualifies as the ideal t-shirt? We couldn’t seem to find one that perfectly captured the Lars aesthetic: lovely color palette, reference to history, whimsical, you get the gist. The natural solution was to make our own! Introducing the Lars Matisse-Shirt Collection! We teamed up with Cricut to make Matisse-Inspired iron-on decals for t-shirts. Honestly, we’re pretty obsessed with them! Line drawing portraits, fun faces, and shapes—It doesn’t get much better than that! Now you can make your perfect tee all on your own! Which one is your favorite?

Take a look at all the t-shirt styles and download the templates to make your own! Read on →

Life + Style / Monday, 13 Aug 2018

The House That Lars Built for Winter Water Factory

The house that lars built for Winter Water FactoryThe day has arrived! I’m pleased to announce The House That Lars Built’s collaboration with Winter Water Factory! As a new mother, I was more than excited to team up with this beautiful brand to create clothing that I could comfortably dress myself and Baby J in. Listen, I didn’t have children not to match them! See what I mean?
The house that lars built for Winter Water Factory
Since its conception, I’ve strived to build a distinct identity for The House That Lars Built. I seek out things that emit lovely bursts of whimsy, color, and quirkiness in order to create a more artful life for myself and those I come in contact with. Partnering with Winter Water Factory was a natural dream come true as I’ve been a big fan for many years (here’s proof!), and I’ve been waiting for the day when I could wrap up my child in their ever-so-soft organic cotton goodness.
I hope you love the new line as much as we loved making it. Make sure to tag us in any future photos of you and baby wearing anything from the collection using #LarsforWWF so I can bask in your cute, matching glory! I’ll be right there with you! (please note: the women’s collection will be launching shortly. Stay tuned!)
The collection comes in two color ways and a variety of styles for boys, girls, babies, women, and even accessories so you’re sure to find something for everyone. And stay tuned for sweats for women later on in the season (my favorite of them all),
The house that lars built for Winter Water Factory
I’ll be sharing more about the process of the collection later this week, but for now, the shop is live! 

collaborations + Style / Thursday, 9 Aug 2018

Coming soon!

Gah! We have a fun project we’ve been keeping under wraps for awhile now and we can’t wait to share it with you! We’ll be revealing it all this coming Monday, but sharing it EARLY with our newsletter subscribers on Sunday.

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baby + Life + Style / Saturday, 14 Jul 2018

Lars Baby Essentials

When I was prepping for Baby’s arrival, I scoured the internet to find products that were both beautiful and well priced but I’ve been reluctant to share any type of “I’m a pro at being a mom and I know what to do and therefore you should too” posts because I’m only five months in and I only know what’s worked for me…so far. BUT! I consider it a new hobby, or rather obsession, to find the most delightful products for baby so today I’m sharing some of my favorite Lars Baby Essentials so that if you’re in the market for it, you’ll have a tried and true reference guide, all with Lars approved products.Rattan bassinet

As a disclaimer, I’m also a big believer in that you don’t need too much. I’m actually quite frugal when it comes to making purchases so I tend to either buy cheap or do without unless I find it totally beautiful and worth being in my life and if not the most beautiful, then just super helpful. That said, I’ve noticed that that there are some specific times when you should invest as it will totally make life easier and for the better and if not, more beautiful at least, because that is also important. As a note, I’m not including clothing or furniture for now (thought you can find his nursery reveal here!), just product. I’ll be following up with some clothing recommendations.

Ok! Don’t let all these disclaimers deter you, let’s get going! I’ll be updating this list as Baby continues to grow into different stages that require new products so do check back for more recommendations. Also, I’d love to hear your own recommendations. I’m always open to hearing about beautifully designed items.  Read on →

DIY + Projects + Style / Wednesday, 6 Jun 2018

3 Paper Gem Accessories

Was anyone else enchanted by the jewels Meghan Markle wore on her wedding day? The tiara was impressive, yes, but it was the aquamarine stunner she wore to the reception that really stole the show in my opinion! Originally belonging to Princess Diana, the aquamarine ring was a special gift to Meghan from Harry’s mother’s collection. Unfortunately, I don’t see myself acquiring any large or precious gemstones in my near future, so I had to improvise. We made 3 Paper Gem Accessories to for you to wear to on special occasions, the workplace, or if you’re feeling extra, the grocery store! The necklace and earrings are great for everyday accessorizing, and the tiara is fun for birthday or bachelorette parties. Just follow some simple origami steps to make these beauties and a bit of glue and string turms them into something special!

Learn how to make 3 Paper Gem Accessories!

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