23rd day of Christmas crafts: advent candle

It’s always exciting to use advent calendars and mark down the days until Christmas. (That’s two days away now!).

We’ve got a DIY advent candle tutorial for today’s Christmas crafts challenge. Christmas decor already calls for candles, so why not add a little something extra?

Read below for the full tutorial!

You’ll Need:

  • Candlestick(s)
  • Paint pen
  • Ruler

During the holiday season in Denmark, every store carries advent candles. We currently have one single advent candle for every day leading up to Christmas as well as a set of 24 candles, one marked for each day. I’ve never seen them in the states so I thought I’d make my own. I realize it’s a little late in the advent game but a good thought for next year.
We’re almost done with the 24-day craft challenge, but not quite yet! The Christmas crafts challenge has brought us crafts including DIY gift bags, bicycle wreaths, and Santa party hats. Now it’s time for the advent calendar! These advent candles are super easy! Plus, these candlesticks come in every color imaginable. Maybe a rainbow advent candle set is in your future Christmas plans? Read below for the details!

DIY advent candle


  • Candlestick(s)
  • Paint pen
  • Ruler (I used centimeters to fit the size of my candle. A 9 1/2″ candle perfectly fits 24 centimeters and therefore 24 days).


  1. Measure out your 24 days on the candlestick
  2. Mark with paint pen, labeling one side with the days and the other side with dashes or dots
  3. Now you have your advent candle! Watch it melt down the days until Christmas!
 Keep reading for more advent calendar ideas!
I have so many projects still that I want to make, but alas, not enough days anymore. Maybe this Christmas crafts challenge will become a yearly tradition. I will have a special edition Christmas Eve version tomorrow. Muhaha.

Advent calendar DIY & inspiration

Many of the advent calendars featured here on the Lars blog are Christmas crafts! Just like these advent candles, use your advent calendar as holiday decor! This Christmas bulb advent calendar can hang on your wall or mantle to countdown the days until Christmas. This Christmas home advent calendar, available in the Lars shop, is a beautifully illustrated calendar! All you have to do is print it and cut the dotted lines. You know I couldn’t pass up a rainbow advent calendar tutorial. This rainbow ombre advent calendar is perfect for all ages to open up little trinkets or candies in the countdown to Christmas.

Be sure to check out the Lars Christmas shop for all of your holiday crafting ideas. Happy adventing!



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