20th day of Christmas crafts: Bicycle wreath

This Christmas crafts challenge has got me DIY-ing everything I can. Why not take the crafting outdoors and make transportation a little more festive for the holidays?

This bicycle wreath is pretty easy, and you can make it your own! (You don’t have to have a bike to enjoy this tutorial). Keep reading for the full instructions and other wreath ideas!

I needed a little va-va-va voom to my boring bicycle, so I took some Christmas greenery and wired it around to form a wreath. We’ve done a berry wreath tutorial during this Christmas crafts season, but I thought that this bicycle wreath could bring even more variation to our wreath tutorial archive (I always think of putting wreaths on doors, but never on a bike!). This bicycle wreath is an easy way to show your holiday spirit and make your bike that much cuter.
I found it’s much much easier to make wreaths with a form, but since I was wiring it to a basket anyway, I could create any shape I wanted with it. I added some Danish ribbon saying “God jul” or “Merry Christmas” and hope it doesn’t get stolen like my last basket. Read below for the tutorial and more wreath inspiration!

DIY bicycle wreath


  • Greenery of your choice
  • Craft wire
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Wire cutters


  1. Form your wreath shape. You can do this with craft wire, or you can buy a pre-made wreath at a craft store, like this one or this one.
  2. Add some greenery to your wreath using floral wire. You can use real pine leaves if you’re looking for a wreath for just this season. If you want to keep reusing your wreath, I recommend getting artificial pine leaves (or any greenery of your choice). Go for more of a leafy garland if you’re looking to make a Summer or Spring bike wreath!
  3. Tie on some festive ribbon of your choice for the finishing touch on your wreath!

Done! Now your bicycle will be as festive for the holidays as your home! If you don’t use your bike often but still want to make a bicycle wreath for the holidays, you could set up your bike on your porch and hang a wreath on the basket for decoration!

Wreath decorating inspiration

We’ve done a lot of wreath tutorials here at Lars… and I mean a LOT. If you want to add even more pizzazz to your wreath, take a look at this baby’s breath wreath and this pinecone wreath! If you want to make an indoor Christmas wreath, try using paper holly or other paper greenery for your wreath.



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