DIY Blogger Handbook is now open & giveaway!

Glee! I’ve been feverishly working to put the final touches on the DIY Blogger Handbook, an online class with the new platform Atly, and it’s now ready! 
I’m super thrilled about the new class as it’s something I wish I would have had when I was starting out as a DIY blogger. I’ve learned so much along the way. In the class, I detail everything you should think about when starting out or as you’re looking to improve the content of your tutorial-based blog. The class gives you the option to upgrade to “Instructor feedback” so that you can submit the deliverables to me in order to receive the best feedback and improve the quality of your work. I even hold interviews with some of the best DIY bloggers out there like Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge and Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day. There’s even a section on DIY photography as taught by Trisha Zemp, the photographer who I’ve been working with over the past year. 
Atly is a brand new platform and has invested a lot into make the user and teacher experience a good one. It is so so easy to use and from the instructor side it’s been pretty fluid (pssst: if you’re looking to teach, I’d certainly look into Atly). Plus, Adam, the president of the company, and everyone else at the company has been super helpful and supportive as I’ve gone through the process. I’ve researched a lot of platforms to take this class to and ultimately I went with Atly because I feel like they are taking all the right steps to making this the best experience for learning. I used Skillshare for my Paper Flower Class, and that was a great platform for my crafts, and now I’ve selected Atly as the host of this new class (and possibly more, stay tuned!)
I’m joining a host of other new classes with awesome teachers and classes like
Take a look at the promo video to learn a bit more about what you’ll be learning in the class and to sense my ultra enthusiasm about the class (yikes! I get a little too excited!).
AND, to kick off the class, I’m doing a giveaway for two people to take the class here, one opportunity here on the blog and the other on Instagram. You may enter in both places. To enter here on the blog:
2. Share this new class on the social media platform of your choice (can be your personal Facebook page)
3. Leave a comment here on the blogging telling me that you’ve entered and how you’ve shared the new class and why you want to take the class.
The giveaway will end one week from today on Monday, August 25th and a winner will be announced on Tuesday, August 26th. 
I truly believe this class will help you create and improve the  content of your work. If you know someone who you think could benefit from it, please share the love! I mention on the class that I don’t think it’s a competition, but a supportive community in which we can all raise the standard of work on the Internet. 



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