Hello sessions conference


I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be speaking at Hello Sessions, a brand new conference for bloggers and creatives in Portland, Oregon, October 8th and 9th. This conference is for those looking to get down and dirty making and applying skills. You’re not learning what you need to do in the future, you’re doing it!

I’ll be teaching a workshop called Beyond the Blog, where I’ll be talking about how to expand your blog to appeal to your growing community through in-person events, collaborations, products, shops. Basically, thinking outside the blog. And there are so many rad speakers like Lisa Congdon, Molly Yeh, Rachel Smith and more!

I hope you’ll join me! Today until next week, you can take 10% off the ticket price with the code LARSBUILT10. Sign up here! I, for one, am super thrilled to go to Portland as I’ve never been. What should I do while I’m there?!?!



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