Knitting without Needles and pouf giveaway


I’m super pumped to introduce you to the brand new book: Knitting without Needles: A Stylish Introduction to Finger and Arm Knitting by my friend Anne Weil of the blog, Flax and Twine. I had the pleasure of photo styling model shots and cover image of the book and I’m so glad to hold it in the flesh. It’s beautiful! There’s just something about the printed word, amiright?!

I first met Anne a couple of years ago at Alt Summit. She attended my panel about collaboration and I had just finished talking about working on Merrilee’s book and right after introduced herself and asked if I would style her upcoming book. Ummm, yes! Anne has since become a dear friend. She’s warm and determined and talented and FUN! She had a distinct vision for the book and it was fun to work together to learn how to make it happen. Take a look at some of the pictures I styled for the book and find out how to win the white pouf as featured in the cover photo above.

Pattern from Knitting Without Needles-03

If you can’t tell, we loved working with red-headed Morgan for a number of shots for the book. She’s so wonderful to work with and the publishers loved her so much we pretty much scheduled all the shoots around her! 🙂 Jessica Peterson did a wonderful job of capturing the gorgeous models wearing the finger/arm knitted accessories that Anne made.
Pattern from Knitting Without Needles-01

Oh! We had so much fun at these shoots! One was held March of 2014 and the other in December of 2014. The book timeline from start to publication is about 2 years. In other words, an eternity in blogging time. Pattern from Knitting Without Needles-14 Pattern from Knitting Without Needles-11

The book is perfect for non-knitters (me!) and knitters alike and she totally breaks it down into simple steps. I don’t know what it is about knitting, but I can never keep it up past a few rows, but this type I’m into. Of course, it might be because I love the idea of creating oversized projects and arm knitting is perfect for that. They’re also great for kids too as they don’t have to worry about needles at all. 
Pattern from Knitting Without Needles-10Pattern from Knitting Without Needles-08


Anne is giving away a white pouf as featured on the cover of the book. Head on over to Instagram to enter!
I’m so thrilled for you Anne! Now, guys, go and pick up your own copy here or pick up a signed copy here along her patterns and kits.
I’ll be showing more behind the scenes and a special pouf that Anne made for my house in another post so stay tuned!
The book’s yarn and all the yarn for this tour were graciously sponsored by Purl Soho. This fabulous floor pouf was made with Cascade Magnum yarn. Kits for the poufs or signed copies of Knitting Without Needles can be purchased at Anne’s shop.



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