pink tree

Foiled Christmas tree plans

As you can see, this tree was whipped up pretty quickly (but hey, it still has color!). If you’re in a Christmas tree bind, blow up some colorful balloons and stick them onto your tree. Whatever works, right?

If you’re planning ahead (or maybe planning for next year?), check out some creative ways to decorate your tree below!


Greetings from California! I’m celebrating the holidays with my family in sunny Southern California (sayonara snow!) and finishing up the last work of the season. I had big plans of decorating my 7.5′ pink Christmas tree (the blogger favorite, it turns out), but alas, I ended up running out of time. So, I¬†blew up some balloons and hung them as ornaments. If I had spent some time on it I would have gone to town with the tinsel, but this holiday was all about cutting back and sadly, the tree received the brunt of it. Waaaaaa. Next year I’ll try and create the vision I had in mind for it. Maybe…christmas tree balloon

And can you see that I’ve begun painting the walls of the studio? Because the brick walls are so old, the mortar is quite fragile and it crumbles super easily. It would be a lot easier if we sprayed the place, but having no experience spraying, we decided to paint it the traditional rollers and it takes forever! We find ourselves stabbing the mortar with our brushes and not making much headway. And we couldn’t find anyone this time of year to do it, so DIY here we go!

DIY decorations for your Christmas tree

If you have more time to decorate your tree than I did, take a look at some of our DIY tutorials and inspiration! In place of ornaments (or in addition to ornaments!), try these paper candles! We also have tutorials for paper fruit ornaments, honeycomb ornaments, and family photo heirloom ornaments. We also have ornaments available in the Lars shop! Don’t forget about a tree skirt! Check out our tutorial for how to make an applique tree skirt here.

If you don’t know where to start, why not take a look at some grand Christmas trees? We’ve compiled some of our favorite Christmas tree inspiration! You can view the post here to get some ideas for your own tree! Browse more holiday decorating inspiration in the Lars archives!

I have one more blog post for you tomorrow before I sign off completely until next year. Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have a lovely holiday filled with good spirits and good people.

pink tree from Wayfair



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