Weekend inspiration and holiday cards

It’s the first full week into the new year, and I still don’t feel my normal self yet. Like, I kind of need 3 more months of a break. Anyone else? Maybe I’ll take Lars on the road and we’ll blog from France for the rest of the year or something. Yeah, that sounds like a reasonable idea.

While we’re dreaming about France, we’ve got some fun links for your weekend inspiration. I also have some holiday card ideas below for the future holiday season!

Brittany and Paul JepsenGirl in milk maid braids Christmas card

I wanted to share with you the holiday cards we sent out this year. We used our card that we designed for Modify InkĀ and MATCHED my new favorite dress (a vintage 60s Oscar de la Renta from Maeberry Vintage) to the cards. Because that’s the beauty of Modify Ink, you can customize all the colors! Remember these Modify Ink holiday cards we made last year? It challenged me to add in a bit of purple here and there (purple is not on my favorites list) and I love how it turned out especially with the touches of reds and yellows. We were lucky to get an appointment with the incomparable Justin Hackworth for a portrait. I always find it funny to send out cards as a couple without kids, especially with how “online” we are, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to have some pretty cards sent out.

How’s your New Year’s so far?

Fun links and inspiration for your weekend:

Such a cute tour šŸ™‚Ā 

Design Sponge released some of their favorite Paper Flower artists. So gorgeous!

I’ve been feeling a lot of this lately. I love the idea of taking it back to the imperfect nature. Thoughts?Ā 

Oh Joy is releasing their new line of products with Target!

This was our favorite podcast from our trip to California

Any creatives looking to collaborate

I love listening to theseĀ informal interviews with actors as I work. I loved this one in particular

Extra 25% sale items at Anthro!Ā 

Trisha, who we use a lot for photography, is working on the raddest stop motion and she’s giving us some sneaks

My friend’s doggie got into an accident and she’s trying to raise money to pay for the surgery costs. Find more info here.

Happy weekend! What were your favorite reads/listens/watches this week?Ā 

Holiday cards of Lars’ past

If you’re stuck in your search for holiday card ideas, you’re in luck! We’ve created plenty of holiday cards throughout the years! In addition to the Modify Ink cards above, we also have made cards with Vistaprint and Artifact Uprising! For 2020, we created an incredibly honest holiday card that you can view here. View this post for more holiday card ideas and weekend inspiration!



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