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Bedazzled Valentine’s tote bags

Need a fun activity to do this Valentine’s Day? Why not make lips and heart gemstone tote bags? These are super easy to make and would be a fun activity at a Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) party! These tote bags would also make great gifts for Valentine’s Day!

Read below to see what inspired these bedazzled Valentine’s tote bags. You can also view the full tutorial below!

You’ll Need:


We’ve been super inspired by Stella McCartney’s 2014 resort collection featuring embellishments of lips and hearts this Valentine’s Day. In particular, this dress has been weighing on my mind:Stella McCartney lips dress

SO! We decided to create our own bedazzled Valentine’s tote bags. We created these lips and heart designs out of gemstones. They’d make a sweet Valentine’s Day gift! See below for the full tutorial!

DIY bedazzled Valentine’s tote bags


  • plain tote bag (we got ours from Joann, but you can also order from here)
  • gemstone glue
  • gemstones (jumbo size and normal size)
  • cardboard for in between layers of the bag
  • pencil
  • heart and lips template


  1. Start by drawing your pattern on the bag with a pencil. We used a heart and lips pattern.
  2. Place a piece of cardboard in the bag so the glue doesn’t seep through.
  3. Place all the gemstones down where you’d like them to be. Start with the largest gemstones first evenly throughout the design then fill in with the smaller gemstones.
  4. Glue them all in place.


Bedazzled lips gem stone tote bagBedazzled lips gem stone tote bagBedazzled lips gem stone tote bag

Photos by Ashley Isenhour

Bedazzled Valentine’s Day

We love using gemstones for Valentine’s Day! It’s the perfect occasion for them, and we love bedazzling things to liven them up for the holidays. In addition to these bedazzled Valentine’s tote bags, we have more crafts that will add some sparkle to your day.

Show off your gemstones in your Valentine’s Day look with these Shrinky Dink Valentine’s Day pins. Create them in heart and lip shapes to match your tote bag!

These DIY Valentine gift boxes are another great way to use your gemstones! Give these gift boxes out to friends and family with a message, small trinket, or sweets inside. These gift boxes are also great to share with friends and family who may be far away. Who wouldn’t want a little sparkle in their day?

For more Valentine’s Day crafts and tutorials, you can check out more posts here. And for extra inspiration, take a look at our Valentine’s Pinterest board. We’d love to see your crafts and projects! Tag us on Instagram and use the hashtag #Larsmakes. Happy crafting!



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