Poppy fields of Utah (with map and video!)


We kicked off our new YouTube channel with the 31 Day Flower Drawing Challenge and starting today we’ll be bringing you new videos every Thursday. Ye haw! For this first one, I wanted to do something a bit more casual, something where it’s just you and me going on adventures. Something where I can just eat a PBJ in front of you and we’re still friends (doesn’t that sound enticing!?). I’m calling these Lars Adventures and for this first one we’re hitting the trails and looking for the mysterious poppy fields of Alpine, Utah.

I’ve heard about these poppy fields for a few years now, but no one had ever been able to tell me how to get there or when it was. We got a more solid lead that the poppies were in fact in bloom and were on their way out so now was our chance. We got some vague directions and headed out.poppy-fields

I now have this idea that I want to find extraordinary flower fields throughout the world. Ha! No, but I’m serious. So, if you have any tips on where to go, please let me know in the comments! I want to take you with me on these adventures!

Getting to the poppy fields 

The poppy field is located in Alpine, Utah. It took us a few attempts to get there even though we more or less had specific instructions on how to get there. I’d suggest doing the following:

I’ve been told that it’s illegal to park right by the poppy fields (Option B in the map below), but you would never know that based on the amount of cars that were parked there. There are no signs to indicate that it’s illegal so…you’re on your own for that. If you’d prefer not to risk it or you don’t have a car that can handle dirt roads, I’d suggest parking on Country Manor Drive or at the LDS Church building at 1125 N Alpine Blvd, Alpine, UT 84004 (option A below).

Here’s a map. Follow the teal arrows to get to the spot.poppy-fields-map-alpine-utah

Turning from Country Manor Drive, it will look as if the road is blocked, but keep going as the road turns sharply right and continues up. I drive a little sedan that is not equipped for dirt roads. If you’re in a 4 wheel drive, you’ll be totally fine. Though my car is fine, it wasn’t a totally comfortable ride.

When to visit the poppy fields

Poppies are typically an early spring bloomer, but these ones are still in bloom right now (early June). I’d say late May/early June would be prime.

As for what time of day to visit, photographers will dominate dusk time. At the time the poppies are in bloom this will be between 7:30-8:30pm. If you don’t care about taking pictures go at any time, preferably before then as there are A LOT of photographers. Think families getting their portraits, bridal sessions, and DIY bloggers :). I went another time early in the morning at around 7:30am and not a single soul was there. It was magical.

I’d love to hear if you have any requests for what you’d like to see on the YouTube channel. Or if you have any flower field suggestions. I’m compiling a list of all the floral wonders of the world and dream of hitting them all. Leave me your thoughts!

Photos by Brittany Jepsen and Anna Killian


  1. Oh my goodness your video was so amazing that I took my little ones up there today to see it for myself. I was just a bit early. Two weeks should be perfect. I’m going again! Thank you for putting this out there! Loved it. Any other hidden gems you have found?

  2. There are incredible wild flowers up by Alta, Utah! It’s called Albion Basin. Blooming depends on how much water weve gotten that year so I always just search the hashtag Albion Basin to see when to make the drive. 100% worth it if you haven’t been already.

  3. There is a great poppy field near box elder campground in Mantua, Utah. Thanks for the awesome video, I didn’t know there was one in Alpine.

  4. I hiked up to the poppy field for the first time today. I was really sad when I saw a photographer and parents pic some of the flowers for their kids to hold in their pictures. If everyone did that, we wouldn’t have any more poppies. Adults should set better examples. Don’t pick the flowers!

  5. Just a heads up – there are signs saying you are not supposed to drive in the dirt roads. Park at the church and walk up to see the flowers

  6. There is a poppy field in France called Flanders Field. You should check out its history and see why our US vets sell the paper ones near Veterans Day. I buy some every year.
    Your video was beautiful.
    I planted a seed bag full of wildflowers and just today I have two yellow poppies blooming in my backyard!

  7. Beautiful hills covered for miles and miles between Tehachapi and Bakersfield, California. They mingle with blue and yellow wild flowers from March through May. So thick the hills look like they’re on fire!


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