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Poppy fields of Utah (with map and video!)

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  • Sarah Schmidt says

    Oh my goodness your video was so amazing that I took my little ones up there today to see it for myself. I was just a bit early. Two weeks should be perfect. I’m going again! Thank you for putting this out there! Loved it. Any other hidden gems you have found?

    • Debra says

      Did they block off the road to drive up? About how far up is the poppies? We walked about a mile up and couldn’t find anything?

  • SHAELA GEE says

    @Sarah schmidt do you know how far yo the road it is? I saw the bridge. Is it that way or to the right? You can not drive up in there anymore so I needed to know how far to walk. I didnt see any by the bridge. TIA

  • viviana says

    I am so excited to check this out! If we parked at the LDS church how far is the hike to the poppy fields?

  • Elsa says

    There are incredible wild flowers up by Alta, Utah! It’s called Albion Basin. Blooming depends on how much water weve gotten that year so I always just search the hashtag Albion Basin to see when to make the drive. 100% worth it if you haven’t been already.

  • Sissy says

    There is a great poppy field near box elder campground in Mantua, Utah. Thanks for the awesome video, I didn’t know there was one in Alpine.

  • jana says

    I hiked up to the poppy field for the first time today. I was really sad when I saw a photographer and parents pic some of the flowers for their kids to hold in their pictures. If everyone did that, we wouldn’t have any more poppies. Adults should set better examples. Don’t pick the flowers!

  • Joani Stevens says

    Just a heads up – there are signs saying you are not supposed to drive in the dirt roads. Park at the church and walk up to see the flowers

  • Bryn Tippets says

    Going to take my seniors here and I’m so confused. The dirt road across the church looks like it ends..

    • Julie Uppendahl says

      Keep following the path, go past a parking lot by staying left. keep left until you come to a dead end and go right. You can also put Poppy Fields in your Google Maps and it will show up for walking directions.

  • Kandi says

    There is a poppy field in France called Flanders Field. You should check out its history and see why our US vets sell the paper ones near Veterans Day. I buy some every year.
    Your video was beautiful.
    I planted a seed bag full of wildflowers and just today I have two yellow poppies blooming in my backyard!

  • K Edwards says

    Texas highways in spring are full of assorted fields of wildflowers, including blue bonnets. Lady Bird Johnson issued the beautification highway act in 1965. They were gorgeous. We just drove there last week.

  • Denise Barraza says

    Beautiful hills covered for miles and miles between Tehachapi and Bakersfield, California. They mingle with blue and yellow wild flowers from March through May. So thick the hills look like they’re on fire!

  • mormon joe says

    websites like this are the reason the area is has been trampled and no flowers grow. The reason it is all now closed for revegetation. thank you so much for exploiting nature for some web clicks. Hopefully the $8 in ad revenue was worth it.

  • Carol Anglin says

    I went to the poppy fields in Alpine yesterday, 6/10/2023 and they were fabulous! There were quite a few people there but everyone was very polite as we took turns in certain areas photographing the splendor! They say the walk is 1/2 mile each way but I think it depends on which of the three roads you choose. I was told they each end up at the fields! I took the far right! WRONG! Go to the Left! Btw, I am 78 yrs old with a very bad ankle and I DID IT! I hope you can too! It was so worth it! ❤️