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Lars Bucket List Trip: Carl and Karin Larsson’s home in Sundborn, Sweden

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  • Hilary Gleason says

    I first encountered Carl Larsson’s artwork on a Christmas card a friend had sent to me in the early 1970s. It was a picture of “The Yard and the Wash House”, and it had such a deeply personal effect on me, that it is still my favorite work of art fifty years later. Carl Larsson’s art has been a passion of mine all of my adult life. I have never had the opportunity to visit his family home in Sweden, but if given the chance, it would be #1 on my bucket list. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photographs of your visit to Carl and Karin Larsson’s home in Sundborn! They certainly brightened my day.

  • Barbara Foncannon says

    Love these! My husband & I, from Denver, Colorado, came to visit the Larsson home in 2009. We rented a car in Stockholm & drove up, just trusting the GPS. We could only get in on the Swedish language tour, but it was so worth it to me. Even though I did not understand a word, it was a visual treat! I had seen the images of the house in an American magazine years before, & Larsson prints in the Minneapolis Swedish museum before that, and having immigrant Swedish great grandparents, I always had a desire to see it. It did not disappoint, even though the guide was a jerk, clearly making fun of us because we could not understand any Swedish.

  • Angela Dewar says

    It’s simply beautiful. These photographs & the text are lovely. Thank you. I have wanted to see the house for many years and at last have spent 3 days visiting it.