My little garden and sale on containers

planter garden

If you’ve been following me along on Instagram or Snapchat or now Instastories, you will probably have seen some sneak peek of my garden, which I have spent way too much time (and money) on. I LOVE my little garden so much. And I LOVE giving tours of my garden. Just stop by and I’ll take you on the minute long tour (it’s small remember).

Gardening has become my way of slowing down and remembering not to work. Because I’m not very good at it. I spend every morning giving my plants a little bit of hydrating love and then it’s off to work.  And now that the growing season is coming to an end, I thought I’d show you how it turned out.

This year I got a few new pots and I thought I’d share my resources with you so you can prepare for next year. Some of them are on sale now so it’s best to start now! Or ask for them for the holidays. Boom!planter garden

You see the lovely lady? That’s Gina. I wanted a real planter head vase for the outside, since I use my DIY head vase, Matilda, inside so much. I got her from Stoneface Creations. You have to check out their website. It’s full of crazy head planters that really give me the chuckles (and make sure to put your volume on. They have great coordinating music 😉

Stock up on containers now. Here’s where to get them:

  • Terrain. THE mecca for beautiful gardening supplies. I’m thinking I need to take a trip to see it all in person. They have a great online selection (and it’s also where I got my beautiful flower chairs)
  • Stoneface Creations. Beautiful face planters that make you giggle.
  • Sunriver Gardens. My favorite local nursery which sells beautiful containers. Sadly, there’s no online shop, so come to Utah!
  • Roger’s Gardens in Newport Beach is my favorite nursery to visit when I’m visiting home. It’s a full experience! And they’ve got a great online shop.

Where’s your favorite place to shop for the garden? 



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