It’s finally time for a new car

To grandmother's house we go

Yesterday I was driving home on the freeway when I heard a pop followed immediately by my steering wheel stiffening up. A red light on my dashboard lit up and I immediately got off the freeway. Ugh.

I’ve become a bit numb to the terror of flashing lights because Bob, my 17 year old car (NOT in the photo. We had to get a cutie pie car like this VW bug just for this shoot. Had to!), likes to play tricks on me like that every few weeks or so. We have a playful relationship like that. Last time this happened it was right when I was supposed to be heading up to Salt Lake for the Coldplay concert. Not cool, Bob. Not cool.

I’ve known I’ve needed to look for a new car for awhile now and as soon as I got into the tow truck I immediately started searching. I’ve been pushing it off because I didn’t know where to start. It seems like such a huge purchase and had you asked me a few weeks ago I would have said that I know NOTHING about the car buying process. 

The timing is funny though. I knew I was supposed to write about my experience with Capital One today and suddenly, there I was so relieved to know exactly were to go (besides hailing a tow truck to a mechanic!). Capital One is a trusted auto lender and comes equipped with its Auto Navigator® site that makes it easy to find your dream car by giving you the option to “test drive” your different options of term length, price and

Here’s how it works: First, you can find out in minutes if you pre-qualify for auto financing – with no risk to your credit score. From there, you can test drive your financing options, simply by looking at different term lengths, prices and vehicles. The Capital One Auto Navigator site will show you your estimated monthly payment and APR on cars you choose. You can even use the Capital One Auto Navigator site to find the perfect car for you, simply by searching over 12,000 dealerships’ inventory by make, model, price and more. So handy. It’s so nice to have an all-in-one place to figure out what to buy and HOW to buy it, which has been the part holding me back from taking the big step to buying a new car.To grandmother's house we goTo grandmother's house we go Car problems always come at the wrong time, huh? Mine just happened to come right before Paul and I travel for the Thanksgiving holiday, but thankfully I have some peace of mind of where to go to find a replacement for Bob.

Where are YOU going for the holiday? I’d love to hear!

Photos by Anna Killian  |  Wardrobe styling by Aliza Wride 

This post is sponsored by Capital One Auto Loan. Thank you to the brands that allow us to create awesome original content.


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