Lars Summer Pool Floats

pool float round upIt’s time to for afternoons at the pool and weekends at the beach! And what better way to enjoy all that water time than with the cutest pool floats in town! I’m not sure why the pool float trend emerged but I’m jumping on the bandwagon with a big splash! Surely social media has played a large role in encouraging people to post their pool float pics, thanks largely to Taylor Swift and that iconic swan float! The trend has been going strong for a few years now, with more options available than ever. We’ve sifted through the best of them and identified our favorites so you can float through this summer in style. From rainbows to sunflowers, these are the pool floats with the look of Lars!

1. Yellow and pink ring: just like a nice drink of pink lemonade

2. Sweetheart: Plenty of room for you and your sweetheart to lounge on this float!

3. Floral flamingo: The best of both worlds: floral AND flamingos!

4. White clam with pearl beach ball: The perfect combo!

5. Flamingo: Rose gold. Flamingo. Floaty. The winner for most millennial pool float goes to her!

6. Rainbow Cloud Daybed: HELLO this is amazing. The only appropriate way to sunbathe is beneath a rainbow, always.

7. Strawberry: All you need is some shortcake for this strawberry floaty

8. Peacock: Move over swan, there’s a new bird in town.

9. Daisy: The best part about this float is the removable center that becomes a beach ball!

10. Sunflower: I would feel like Thumbelina as a rested on this lovely flower float

11. Rainbow Ring: For the most inconspicuous, a rainbow inner tube is just the ticket

12. Balloon Dog: Why would you ever want to ride a horse when you can ride a balloon dog in the water?

13. Moby Dick: You’re sure to have a whale of a time with this pool float!

14. Tropical leaf float: Because what says lazy river more than a plant float?!

15. Pink clam: Channel your inner mermaid on this one

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