Picnic Baskets 3 Ways

Picnic Baskets 3 Ways

Picnic: An excursion or outing in which the participants carry food with them and share a meal in the open air. Even the definition is dreamy! One of my favorite summer pastimes is going on picnics. Choosing the destination, packing the basket, and setting everything up was always a magical experience. If I could choose, I’d picnic in the south of France, on the coast of the Mediterranean a la “How to Catch a Thief.” Of course, the company of Cary Grant and Grace Kelly doesn’t hurt the situation. Or maybe in the picturesque Swiss Alps like in “The Sound of Music,” as we all sing and frolic in the hills in our matching outfits. A girl can dream.

That being said, we’re showing you Picnic Baskets 3 Ways so you too can create magical picnics! Included are all the essentials for a successful picnic in 3 different varieties to suit every mood: A timeless blue and white picnic, a bohemian Floral picnic, and a bright rainbow picnic great for all ages. And since no picnic is complete without food, we’ve included a few options that work well with each basket! Bon appetit!

Continue for a look at each basket!

Picnic Baskets 3 Ways

1. Classic Blue and White Picnic:

Picnic Baskets 3 Ways

This picnic spread reminds me of the French countryside or an English Garden. Very fresh and classy looking, ideal for a more sophisticated outing.

Shop the lookTablecloth. Napkins. Lemon plates. Basket. Floral bamboo cutlery.

Pair with:

2. Bohemian Floral Picnic:

Picnic Baskets 3 WaysPicnic Baskets 3 Ways

The blanket used is this picnic spread is a bright and bold. I can picture it being used on a pebble beach in the Pacific Northwest.

Shop the lookBlanket. Plates. Basket. Wooden Cutlery. Cups.

Pair with:

3. Bright Rainbow Picnic

Picnic Baskets 3 WaysPicnic Baskets 3 Ways

The quintessential rainbow picnic! Perfect for the pool, an excursion in the mountains, or in your own backyard! We painted a basic canvas drop cloth and tote bag with rainbow colors to mimic the palette of the paper goods.

Shop the look: Painted drop cloth, Painted tote. Plates, NapkinsPlastic footed tumblers. Condiment containers. Baskets.

Pair with:

Photography by Anna Killian


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