My new TV looks just like a painting!
My new TV looks just like a painting!

4 reasons why I love my new artful TV

My new TV looks just like a painting!

I’m not necessarily an “electronics” person. In fact, I didn’t have a TV for all of my twenties. However, you’d never know it now with the level of enthusiasm I have when I speak about my new TV. It’s by Samsung and it’s called The Frame and I’m very openly and unabashedly in love with it. Yes, this is TOTALLY a sponsored post, but really, I can’t even express how passionate I am about this piece of technology. I wish you could just come on over and I’d take you through it (stay tuned! I will on InstaStories!). In fact, we sold our previous TV a few days ago and the guy asked why we are selling it… “Because, take a look at this!” and I proceeded to spend 10 minutes telling him how awesome it is. Somehow he still ended up buying our 4 year old used TV. There are the four reasons I love my TV so much.My new TV looks just like a painting!

Let’s go:

  1. It’s a piece of art. The Frame is just that, it’s a TV disguised as artwork. BOOM! Are you catching this? It’s so good that people are fooled when they come into our house. Why? Well, I’ve been wanting to create a gallery wall in our living room for a few years now and I finally decided that what better time than to go along with the debut of my new baby, my TV. Because of the gallery wall and because of the sleek design of the TV, the two are seamlessly integrated. You’d never know that a huge (we got the 55”) electronic is mixed into a wall of art.My new TV looks just like a painting!

The “Art Mode” function allows you to choose from 100 designs to feature on the TV while it’s turned off and the lighting automatically adjusts thanks to the brightness sensor so that it feels natural in the space. You can even upload your own photos and display those as well. I’m considering creating my own artwork to go along with the rest of our gallery wall because, why not?!

  1. It’s well designed. Samsung worked with designer Yves Behar on the design, which is just lovely and they developed a new mount that fits flush with the wall—the first of its kind—so it actually looks and feels like an art frame. To top it off, you can add in a different bezel to the frame itself. I choose the wood grain to stand out against the white wall and to work with the rest of the framed artwork that I chose, which are woods, golds, and blacks.My new TV looks just like a painting!

Are you sensing my excitement? I mean, just look how much I love watching TV! My new TV looks just like a painting!

It gets better.

  1. It functions fast and works with technology. The actual function of the TV is a dream. I’m comparing it to the cheap TV we bought a few years ago, but even then, it’s a total dream boat. It loads quick and easy and you can turn it on and off at the blink of an eye. When someone knocks at my door and I’m watching The Bachelor, all I do is turn it on art mode and there’s no delay. No shame ever again! It’s so simple to connect it to Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, you name it. I love playing my Spotify on the TV because it acts like the sound system we never had. The sound is fantastic, which I wasn’t expecting. I can control the songs straight from my phone.
  2. Better designed in the home. Lastly, The Frame has changed the way we interact at home now. Before we had the TV on a different wall, which was rather far away. Because of the position of the sofa we were adjusting our bodies to look at the TV. Now, because of the advantage of being able to display the TV as an art piece in our room, the TV fits more centrally and we can all comfortable fit onto the sofa.My new TV looks just like a painting!

It just doesn’t get any better. For all you Lars readers who are wondering, “how can I live an artful life when this TV is so distracting?” THIS IS IT! Problem solved! I’m so thrilled about it and even though Samsung asked me to review it, I would totally spend my money on it regardless.My new TV looks just like a painting! My new TV looks just like a painting!

Stay tuned for a tutorial on how to created the gallery wall to go with the TV. I learned a lot!

This post is sponsored by Samsung but, clearly, all opinions and thoughts are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that allow us to continue making awesome original content.


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