Artist Interview: Josefina Schargorodsky

Artist Interview: Josefina Schargo

Many of you are familiar that we do a monthly book club here at Lars. Along with featuring a new book, we collaborate with a new artist to create a print and bookmarks inspired by the book. They always turn out so beautifully and appropriate for each title! We decided it was high time that we start providing more in-depth insight into the beautiful work they create! We wanted to pick their brains a bit and get a peek inside their lives and their creative process as it might inspire you on your artistic journey or at least provide more appreciation and inspiration. We’re kicking off this new artist interview with the talented Argentinian, Josefina Schargorodsky, illustrator of this month’s book art. She has a lovely, unique style that is sure to brighten your day.Artist Interview: Josefina Schargo

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Artist Interview: Josefina SchargoArtist Interview: Josefina Schargo

1. How did your illustrative style develop? Have you always been drawn to stylized representations?

Ever since I was a kid Iʼve drawn people and have always experimented with proportions. Sometimes Iʼd draw them super tall, super thick or with giant heads and tiny bodies. It was fun for me. I went to the local Academy of Fine Arts here in Buenos Aires (UNA National University of Arts), but it was there that I realized that I didn’t like the fine art world. Then I decided to make a change and started Fashion Design. Now I can see how much fashion illustration has influenced my work.

Artist Interview: Josefina Schargo

2. What do you doodle when you aren’t making anything for a specific project or client?

Plants, cats and women faces are my go-to doodle. Lately Iʼve been trying to change that, making an effort to try new things like…dogs!

Artist Interview: Josefina Schargo

3. How do you stay original, and what tips on the subject do you have for other creatives?

I believe that in order to stay original you have to surround with new (for you) exciting things. Going to museums, traveling and meeting new people. New ideas usually come form different sources and having a life outside work contributes to that.

Artist Interview: Josefina Schargo

4. Along those lines, how do you react when you sense that other people are copying your work?

At first itʼs a little disturbing and weird. But after that first impression, I try to think that these are illustrator starting their careers. When I started I was inspired by a lot of other illustrators and then eventually developed my own style. I like what Ken Dallison has to say about it: “They can copy you. They know what you do, but they donʼt know why you did it.”

Artist Interview: Josefina Schargo

5. Where and how do you get inspiration?

I get a lot of inspiration from the city I live in (Buenos Aires) and their people. Taking walks around my neighborhood always gives me good ideas. I also love to see old photos of daily life in the 30ʼs/40ʼs and vintage finds or quirky collections.

Artist Interview: Josefina Schargo

6. If you weren’t an illustrator, say, in an alternate universe, what would be your creative outlet?

I think I would be a musician. I studied piano and drums but never dedicated to that. Most of my family are musicians and itʼs something I always want to do but donʼt make the time for it.

Artist Interview: Josefina Schargo

7. What does your studio or workspace mean to you?

My workspace is also my home so it’s a very important place for me. I work together with my husband and for us is a safe space to create and have fun. We usually have friends over that come to work with us because they love our big table and our cat, Uma.


8. Do you feel that attending art or design school is crucial for an artist to “make it” in 2017?

I donʼt know if it is crucial but I believe itʼs important. I studied fashion design and ended up doing something slightly different. I think college gives you the experience of making projects, how to present them and how to receive constructive feedback. And most important, how to respond to that feedback. At least this is what I appreciate from my experience. I learned how to do the work, the proper way to present your projects and ideas, and how to put the hours in.

Artist Interview: Josefina Schargo

Thank you, Jose, for your thoughts. We loved learning from you. Follow Josefine on Instagram @josefinaschargo. Have any specific questions for her? Leave them on our Instagram here.

Illustrations by Josefina Schargorodsky  |   Photography by Julia Feldman 


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