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The House That Lars Built Brittany Jepsen gender reveal

Listen, I was very hesitant to do a gender reveal video, or any type of videos for our new baby, but I learned that the creator in me can’t stand the thought of letting awesome ideas pass me by. If you can’t make fun videos for a baby, when can you?! Plus, I LOVE surprises! And this is a pretty good one.

So here’s how it all went down. I told Paul, aka: not-an-Instagram-husband, that there’s a thing called “gender reveal videos” and he was like, “no” and I was like, “how about you choose whatever it is that we do and he was all “ok, we hike to the top of a mountain and then there you will find out” knowing full well that the only way to get me to the top of the mountain is to blackmail me with releasing private/exciting information.

My friend, Jenner Brown, was kind enough to get on board film it for us. Here’s how it went.

The House That Lars Built Brittany Jepsen gender reveal

Yup, blue powder means we’re having a boy!

Paul and I both had hunches it would be a boy and we nailed it! The night we found out, I turned to Pinterest to try and get me excited about baby boy clothes and accessories because let’s face it, they’re just not as interesting as girls (no matter how hard you try and convince me otherwise!) and then I tried to go in-store shopping, but realized that one side of all stores is every shade of the rainbow (the girl’s side) and the other is blue and camouflage (the boy’s side) and I realized we have a LONG way to go to dispel notions of how we assign colors to children. Speaking of, did you know that in the early 20th century, pink was assigned to little boys and blue was to little girls? It’s a fun fact I like to remember when I think of dressing my soon-to-be-babe in head-to-toe florals.

Anywhoo, I’m now on a mission to find some really wonderful boys clothing and accessories and I accept all suggestions and tips! And yes, I want to highlight my findings and share them with you.

On a side note, I realize that focusing on clothes is the most superficial approach in preparing for a babe, but let’s be honest, I have NO idea what motherhood will be like no matter how many books I read in advance. I’m gleaning from them, learning from friends, and preparing myself as much as I can knowing that we’ll probably just find out once our little bundle arrives and we’re thrown into the trenches. With what I do here on Lars and how I spend my personal time, I find IMMENSE satisfaction and joy in finding beautiful items to serve the physical needs of my child and I consider it an honor to do so. Why? Because like most things we do around here, I believe that when you surround yourself with beautiful things you are living a more thoughtful, intentional, and satisfying life that contributes to your happiness.

Ok! Enough of that, we are thrilled to the bone, (even though I haven’t one boy name that I’m stoked about). Thank you for all your excitement so far! It’s been wonderful to share the news with all of you and hear about your experiences in parenthood and beyond. If you have any other comments/suggestions, I’d love to hear them. Feel free to dm me on Instagram @houselarsbuilt or email me at hello [at] thehousethatlarsbuilt.com

Video by Jenner Brown


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