Lars’ Favorite Fall Books

Lars' Fave Fall BooksI walked in the store the other day and Halloween stuff was all on clearance and Christmas decorations were stocked in their place. Can you believe it? The holidays are right around the corner and in all honesty, I couldn’t be more thrilled! With the holidays approaching, chances are we’ll all be on a constant hunt for the perfect gift. We’ve rounded up Lars’ Favorite Fall Books for you to get your wheels turning! Whether it’s for your mom, best friend, husband, co-worker, or child, a book is always a great way to go. Recently there have been a handful of wonderful new releases that we wanted to share with you!

Check out the full list! 

Lars’ Favorite Fall Books

  1. Tasting Hygge: Full of recipes that capture the Danish cultural tradition of Hygge, or the warm and cozy feeling embraced by the Danes! First on my list? Almond Sourdough Pancakes! And stay tuned for a recipe from the book from the author!
  2. Living With Plants: The ultimate guide for keeping your indoor plants alive all year! Cleary, I need this.
  3. The Fine Art of Paper Flowers: An amazing resources if you’re looking to get into the art of making paper flowers! Tiffanie Turner is a master! And check out this exclusive tutorial from the book from Tiffanie.
  4. A Year of Picnics: Delicious recipes perfect for outdoor excursions, adventures, and picnics all year round! Such a fun concept.
  5. The Maker: Crafting a Unique Space: I love the organic quality of all these beautiful projects and the book is chalk-full of great inspirational quotes.
  6. Lagom: The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy Life: Get an in-depth understanding of the Swedish way of life, including a description of their many holidays, traditions, and routines. So interesting!
  7. A Well-Crafted Home: Inspiration and 60 Projects for Personalizing Your Space: A great variety of home decor projects that are easy to do.
  8. The New Bohemians Handbook: Justina does is again with her cool, Bohemian style sense.
  9. Happy Mail: A fun book for anyone who enjoys snail mail! Cool and quirky designs fill the pages.
  10. Let’s Party: Unique Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas: The cutest party ideas from decorations to food to favors, you’ll want to try every project in this book!

Photography by Clara Jones


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