Gifts for $50 and under

Gifts for $50 and under

Welcome to December! We’re on our second gift guide for the season (see the first one $25 and under here) and this time we’re focusing on gifts for $50 and under. This one was fun to put together as I put a lot of things on that I want myself. Ha! See the full list below!

Holiday Gifts for $50 and under!

  1. Colorful target set. $49
  2. Pink travel hair dryer $48
  3. “This bag is not yours” luggage tag. Te he he. I love this one. $26
  4. Rainbow earrings. WANT! $32
  5. Colorful tassel key chain. Love this color palette. $28
  6. Jade marble tray. So beautiful. $46
  7. “Play nice” yoga mat. Now that I’ve gotten into yoga, I’d love to stare at all these colors!
  8. Pink felt beret. I’ve definitely jumped on the beret bandwagon this season. I got one in France and love it so much! $29
  9. Botanical S’well water bottle. Listen, I thought I was opposed to metal water bottles, but I received a metal one similar to this one and it’s changed my life. It keeps water cool and somehow also delicious. I drink so much more water than ever before. This bottle has been a game changer! And no more worrying about if the top is going to come off! And bonus! You can even customize it!
  10. Mittens. Such great colors! $32
  11. Gold tape dispenser. You know I love beautiful office supplies!
  12. Baggu grid bag. A classic!
  13. Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams. I picked this up after going to the Dior exhibition in Paris in October and this book has it all. Highly recommend adding this to you library! It’s on sale on Amazon right now for $46 so hop on it before the price goes back up!
  14. Vogue Living: Country, City, Coast. I try and gather all the Vogue Living books because they really are knock-your-socks-off inspiring. I already glimpsed this one and it’s too much. It’s on my personal list. $55 (ok not under $50 but SOOOO close!)
  15. Ceramic mug. Such great patter and colors!  $40

See our $25 and under gift list here! 


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