Napping at Work is a Thing

Are you familiar with the napping-at-work trend that seems to be taking the world by storm? If you’re confused, simply google “napping at work” and you’ll be sure to find yourself plenty of articles, opinions, and research backing up a workday snooze session. From the moment I heard about this napping phenomenon, I wondered why we hadn’t thought of this sooner! Now that I’m pregnant and will soon be bringing baby with me to work, I’m convinced it might as well be mandatory to have a space for napping on the job! Okay, perhaps not mandatory. The point is, we’ve been trying to create a space in our studio for a while that can serve as a multi-functional area as a waiting area, for meetings, relaxing, and naturally, napping! 

However, it was difficult for us to justify bringing a bed into the studio, considering our small space issues. So we were thrilled when we came across the perfect Novogratz Futon from DHP Furniture that looks like a sleek couch one minute and can be transformed into a comfy bed the next! We were able to create an area that fits all our needs in one, without sacrificing space or style! Meaning that this pregnant mama with a soon to be little one can take all the rest she needs!

The ultimate futonA Futon Changed my Life

One of the best parts of our new futon? Novogratz has a special line of bedding designed to fit the futon perfectly! No trying to scrounge up some sheets to make an ill-fitting bed. These microfiber sheets are honestly some of the softest sheets I’ve ever felt and they come in the prettiest colors. I can put together and great looking and comfortable bed in a matter of minutes. We keep ours in our studio, but this would be the perfect solution for a small apartment or really anyone trying to make better use of their space, not to mention those with frequent house guests.

The Novogratz Sheet Set includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases and they happen to be doing a giveaway so make sure to check it out! Make sure to check out the specially fitted Mattress Protector and foam topper as well to ensure the most comfortable sleep. This stylish futon can become a luxurious bed in no time!

Futon Entry Way

Futon Entry Way

Futon Entry Wat

Everyone needs a futon!

We love the mustard color of the upholstery and how it pairs so well with blush and a deep blue-green. We got the Novogratz Dream Quilt set in a blush pink which I absolutely adore. The design is a modern twist on a classic quilt and it had such a lovely weight and feel, perfect year-round. Bonus? Everything is machine washable, which means I don’t have to stress about letting the babe lounge all over it!

The futon has been great for pregnancy since long days seem to take a toll on me. But, I’m also super jazzed to have it here after baby boy is here! I’m confident I’ll be even more tired and the futon will be a lifesaver for everyone in the studio. It is amazing what 20 minutes of napping during a workday can do for your productivity and creativity.

This post was in partnership with DHP Furniture. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Lars thriving! 

Photography by Jane Merritt



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