The Devil’s Cloth poster

The Devil's Cloth Printable Poster

Readers, let’s hear your thoughts! Have you been enjoying The Devil’s Cloth? It may be a small book, and it may be a very narrow topic of discussion, but it’s packed with information and abundant food for thought. We’ve got some discussion questions for you, as well as other reading suggestions (Pastoureau has written several about color!) if you enjoyed this book. We also have more amazing artwork for you! This month’s illustrator is Jaqueline Diedam whose work is absolutely dreamy! The Devil's Cloth Printable Poster

Check out the discussion questions and the Devil’s Cloth Poster and Bookmark! 

The Devil's Cloth Printable Poster

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1. Like we said, this is a very narrow field of research, but yet so important! Clothing design, color, and pattern have created social systems and hierarchies, divided and united communities, created scandals and new fads. We can look back through history at how the implication of wearing stripes has changed from “bad” or deviant to “good” – but has it? How do certain patterns, styles, or colors of clothing still hold weight or create social hierarchies today?

2.  Often historically symbolic things have lost their meaning or are simply overlooked in our daily lives, and stripes are one of them. As you read through its many symbolic meanings (deviance, liberty, hygiene, playfulness, athleticism, danger, protection, masculinity, etc.), which ones rang true to you? Did some explanations make sense and bring a so-called light bulb to mind?

3.  This is just plain curiosity – do YOU wear stripes? What do you think of stripes? Do you prefer horizontal or vertical, wide or narrow? Whatever your preference, after reading this book, can you put into words why you do/don’t wear stripes?The Devil's Cloth Printable Poster

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The Devil's Cloth Printable Poster

The Devil's Cloth Printable Poster

Illustrations by Jackie Diedam  |  Photography by Jane Merrit


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