Iris Apfel June Book Club Artwork

Iris Apfel June Book Club Artwork

Have you been enjoying Accidental Icon?? Iris Apfel’s love of life and all things colorful is infectious! Here are a few questions for you to read and think about. Tell us what you think as we continue reading about and discussing Iris all month long. This month’s amazing artwork was created by the talented Rosie Harbottle! Stay tuned for an interview with her later on this month!

Iris Apfel June Book Club ArtworkIris Apfel June Book Club Artwork

  1. How did Iris’s upbringing influence her career and love of fashion and fabric? Her mother had a style all her own and allowed Iris to buy her own clothes at age 12, her father traveled the world just as she would later, and often, she would play with her grandmother’s fabric collection when she visited her home in Brooklyn, obsessing over textures and patterns. Are there moments in YOUR life when you can trace your passions back to where they began?
  2. Iris and Carl Apfel were married for 68 years before his death in 2015, a few days before his 101st birthday. What impressed you most about Iris and Carl’s marriage? They worked together, traveled together, and shared a love of adventure and fashion. Did you agree with her “Secrets of a Long and Happy Marriage”?
  3. Iris mentions a loss of creativity, childhood, and connection with others due to technology. “Technology is wonderful for medicine, for engineering, for all those kinds of thing. But on a human level, it’s disastrous. People use smartphones and computers as a crutch…So many basic human capabilities have gone out the window…No one’s developing memory because their phones remember and do everything for them.” She has the perspective of someone who has lived for almost a century! Would you agree with her claims??
  4. Iris connects on many levels with jazz music and the artist Matisse. Is there something you connect with that describes your own way of doing things, your own personal manifesto, or your own entrepreneurial spirit?
  5. “You only have one trip, and the present is all you’ve got.” Embrace color. Embrace the unexpected. Stop asking why. There’s nothing wrong with wrinkles. Which “musing from this geriatric starlet” do you love the most? There are so many! 🙂

Iris Apfel June Book Club Artwork

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Iris Apfel June Book Club Artwork

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Iris Apfel June Book Club Artwork

Photography by Jane Merritt | Illustration by Rosie Harbottle 


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