The making of our Winter Water Factory collection

Remember how Mr. Rogers used to take you to factories and behind the scenes of how things were made? In my dreams I’m exploring every nook and cranny in the art and design world, but for now, I’ll start with what I know best…our own studio! I thought you might like seeing the process of how we went from the initial idea of creating the pattern of our Winter Water Factory collection to the final product. Come take a look!

First, it started with the initial reach out. Winter Water Factory approached us in 2017 to see if we’d be interested in partnering on a pattern for fall 2018. YES! It required no thought. I’ve been a fan of theirs for a number of years and have worn the women’s clothing and gifted the children’s clothing to my adorable niece. The real dream was to match my child in any way possible so of course, I was going to make it happen even if I had to do it myself!

I provided them with three different concepts and we landed on an insects and bugs theme. I wanted something that would fit both boys and girls and yet be whimsical and lovely at the same time. Here was some of my inspiration: 

We wanted to not feel cartoony while also feeling organic and like an “eye spy” pattern where you can spot different bugs throughout.

Next, I drew up a quick sketch of the idea:

And then Ashley, our designer, took my sketch and went to town on it turning it into a pattern. 

She drew it in pencil before applying ink to it to get those irregular lines.

Then she brought it into Illustrator to turn it into a digital file, which we needed for the printing process.

Next, we handed it over to Stefi, the owner of Winter Water Factory who turned it into colors and tweaked some details.Coloring things is my favorite part so I took my own stab at applying colors and came up with some options.

Which one would you have chosen? 

Because it was for fall I tried out a few options that felt more in that palette but ultimately decided on a pink/orange and a blue/dark blue below:

One of our model’s mom’s snapped this shot as I was directing a shoot. You do what you gotta do sometimes, huh? And Jasper only wanted to be held by his mama 🙂

The patterns were then turned into various clothing items by Winter Water Factory including dresses, rompers, sweats, hoodies, crib sheets, blankets, women’s dresses and soon to be sweats. Stay tuned for the full reveal! 

I’m revealing the full collection in real life on Facebook right now. Come join me!



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