Rainbow Workout Gear + Exercises!

Recently I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of working out and eating healthier. And it’s no cake walk, you guys! Trust me, if there was cake involved, I would be ALL in. Though I have found that having cute, colorful workout gear helps motivate me to get moving. Imagine that 😉 When I came across the shoe color selection Saucony offers, I was absolutely giddy! I couldn’t decide on just one color, so the whole team got a pair so I could live out my rainbow dreams because they come in the loveliest sherbert colors.

Now don’t be mistaken, I’m taking things slow. Nothing too intense or high impact to begin with, so these shoes are great for my long walks and low impact workouts. Of course, I’ll be wearing them all around town with my dresses too! Not only are they cute, but super comfy!

In addition to the shoes, we rounded up our favorite workout outfits to coordinate with our new, revolutionizing RAINBOW work out. Ha! An easy workout in every shade (and letter!) of the rainbow–P(ink), R(ed), O(orange), Y(ellow), G(reen), B(blue)because it’s always easier to remember when there’s a mnemonic device and we’re clearly fans of a rainbow. Plus, who doesn’t want to match their shoes to their scrunchie?

If you’re in need of some motivation to get moving, take a look at the shoes, gear and a few moves we’re trying! 

Rainbow Workout

We’re not professionals by any means, just big fans of athleisure! Here is a quick “Rainbow Workout” you can try out at home. Feel free to go through the whole thing 2-3 times! We strongly recommend color-coordinated outfits and these Saucony shoes to boost your mood and maybe even burn more calories 😉 If only! Enjoy!

P(ink) is for Plank Lifts

P(ink) is for Plank Lifts: Go into a high plank and lift opposite leg and opposite arm, then lower back into a plank and repeat with the other side. Complete 10 reps on each side.

Shop Pink Workout Gear: Shoes, Shorts, Sweatshirt, Scrunchie (or here!)

R(ed) is for Reverse Lunges

Reverse Lunges: Step one leg back behind you so both legs create 90-degree angles. Repeat with opposite side. Complete 10 reps on either side.

Shop Red Workout Gear: Shoes, Bra, Sweatshirt, Leggings

Y(ellow) is for Yoga Downward Dog Taps

Yoga Downward Dog Taps: Lift up into a high plank and then into a downward dog. Reach one arm underneath to touch opposite ankle, return to high plank. Repeat on opposite side. Complete 10 reps each side.

Shop Yellow Workout Gear: Shoes, Leggings, Bra, Tank, Scrunchie

M(int) is for Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers: Go up into high plank and bring one knee into your chest. Return your knee and repeat with opposite leg. Complete 10 reps per side.

Shop Mint Workout Gear: Shoes, Shorts, Bra, Tank, Scrunchie

G(reen) is for goblets

Goblet (Sumo Squats): Create a wide stance with your feet turned outward. If you have a dumbbell or weight, hold between your hands at the center of your chest. Lower down into a squat and rise to standing. Complete 20 reps.

Shop Green Workout Gear: Shoes, Leggings, Crop Top,

B(lue) is for burpees

Burpees: Start standing, lower into a squat, jump your legs back to high plank, jump your legs back in, and return to standing. Complete 10 reps. *If you don’t want to jump your legs back, step them back one at a time.*

Shop Blue Workout Gear: Shoes, Leggings, Bra, Tank

This post was sponsored by Saucony. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that allow us to keep making original content!

Photography by Jane Merritt


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