Gift Guide: $25 and under

How’s your holiday shopping going? For once, I took advantage of Black Friday and bought some essential items I’ve been eyeing throughout the year. But now it’s time for the thoughtful items for friends and family and we’ve got you covered. Over the next few days we’ll be sharing 4 gift guides with you: $25 and under, $50, $100, and one for kids, because that’s my favorite of them all these days. We’ve scoured the web searching for just the right items: colorful, whimsical, yet refined. You can find the full list below! 

  1. The Little Guide To Birds
  2. One Line a Day journal
  3. 2019 Floral pocket calendar 
  4. Fish dish scrubbers
  5. Floral dish towel
  6. reuseable Floral bag
  7. Room spray
  8. Thank you cards 
  9. exfoliating sugar cubes 
  10. floral socks
  11. perfect pink lipstick
  12. Bath soak
  13. Cookie cutters
  14. Pom stockings
  15. Stripe stocking
  16. Watermelon glow mask
  17. Rainbow colored pencils
  18. Ornaments
  19. Rainbow bottle brush trees

Stay tuned for our $50 and under gift guide tomorrow! Happy Shopping! 

See our guide for $25 and under$50 and under$100 and under and children’s gift guide


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