How to Mix Patterns

How to Mix Patterns with Lenox Global TapestrySomething about spring makes everything bright, doesn’t it?  The rising temperatures don’t just change the weather but also my need for bright color and pattern! And I’m talking multiple patterns, GIVE ME ALL OF THEM.  We’ve outlined some great tips for mixing patterns to keep in mind when you also want ALL the patterns.

Let’s go!

How to Mix Patterns with Lenox Global Tapestry

How to Mix Patterns with Lenox Global Tapestry

Three Steps to Master the Mixing of Patterns

Play with Scale

Patterns blend together if they’re all the same size and look like a smattering of who knows what.  Try picking a small repeating pattern and pairing it with statement large scale pattern. This will help highlight each pattern! We used the Global Tapestry Aquamarine Lotus Accent Plate and the Garnet Dessert Plate to change up the scale!

How to Mix Patterns with Lenox Global Tapestry

Pick a Color Scheme

Pick a color scheme and highlight those colors in your table! We used a mix of turquoise, maroon, and gold. Sticking to these colors helped us choose the tablecloth, flowers, and cutlery.  The Global Tapestry Collection includes these colors and we loved using the Aquamarine Lotus Mug and Aquamarine Lotus Dinner Plate to highlight these colors.

How to Mix Patterns with Lenox Global Tapestry

Layer Other Elements

We included patterns on the tablecloth, dishes, and napkins so we layered some other elements to break them up! Use a natural placemat with a new texture to create space between the patterned dishes and the patterned tablecloth.  We also used natural foliage of the season on the table to create even more contrast and depth!

How to Mix Patterns with Lenox Global Tapestry

How to Mix Patterns with Lenox Global Tapestry

How to Mix Patterns with Lenox Global Tapestry

How to Mix Patterns with Lenox Global Tapestry

How to Mix Patterns with Lenox Global Tapestry

Would you ever venture into pattern mixing? Tell us all about it!

This post was sponsored by Lenox. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that allow Lars to create unique and inspired content for you.


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    Your ideas are pleasant. Especially, the elements you have shown to be kept on the table and plants are awesome. The color scheme works well between white, brown and green. Your pictures are alluring.


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