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Hi readers! How have you enjoyed Daily Rituals: Women at Work? We wish we could’ve featured more women—there just aren’t enough days in the month! It’s interesting and inspiring to see the way certain women were wholly devoted to their work, but could only be so without any family demands. Others could do both but had to have certain limitations and not combine their two “jobs”. What did you think?? Check out our discussion questions below, book suggestions for further reading, and of course this month’s illustration by featured artist, Kendra Dandy of Bouffants and Broken Hearts, who will be interviewing tomorrow so stay tuned!



Daily Rituals: Women at Work

1. Dance innovator Martha Graham said, “If you talk something out, you will never do it. You can spend every evening talking with your friends and colleagues about your dreams, but they will remain just that—dreams.” How did each of the women in this book act, do, and accomplish—not just talk—about their dreams? Do YOU have a dream you want to accomplish?

2. This book is full of interesting quirks and habits of creative women—wearing a “uniform” to decrease meaningless decision-making (several women did this), walking out of doors for “space to spread the mind out in” (Virginia Woolf), not using social media or even owning a smart phone (Zadie Smith), getting up at 4am and writing out of doors (Margaret Bourke-White), using the position of a pillow as a DO/DO NOT DISTURB sign (Louisa May Alcott)…and so many more! Did any inspire you to change your schedule or habits?

3. Artist Joan Mitchell said, “No one can paint—write—feel whatever without being vulnerable. One has to be very strong to be vulnerable.” What does that mean?? What’s it like to face the unknown or the “constant mental harassment” that art comes from (according to writer and activist Grace Paley)?

4. Author Margaret Walker said, “It is humanly impossible for a woman who is a wife and mother to work on a regular teaching job and write.” Other creative women in the book mentioned their struggles in caring for a spouse, home, and family while trying to pursue their passion. Can it be done? What are your thoughts??

Download the Book Club artwork here

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Book club artwork by Kendra Dandy



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