Top 5 favorite interior designers right now

With the algorithms changing all the time on social media, I was starting to get really bummed out. You too? Instagram was showing me stuff that I wasn’t inspired by and it was filling my eyes with things I was disinterested in, which may seem benign or petty, but even digital real estate fills up your mind and bandwidth and it was taking up too much of it.

I resolved to only follow accounts that I find inspiring or want to support and unfollowing accounts that didn’t align. It’s been about a year of this adjustment and I’ve noticed that I’m much more inspired by what I consume. I’m constantly bookmarking inspiration and ideas for projects in fashion, interior design, and more, so much so that I now share this inspiration on a weekly column on stories (tune in here to see it!) and I’m finding it really exciting. I mean, the constant algorithm changes are still SO LAME, but at least my creative juices are flowing.

I don’t know if it’s just the backlash against a decade of white walls and minimal interiors, but all of a sudden I’m starting to see rooms full of textures, colors, and shapes and I AM LOVING IT! I haven’t been this inspired in a long time so I thought I’d share some of my favorite interior designers right now as interior design is one of my favorite sources of inspiration.

The Apartment by Tina Seidenfeden Busck

Tina Seidenfeden Busck has created a magical world called The Apartment in Copenhagen. It’s a shopable home that you can also stay in. It’s styled impeccably in a mix of old and new. It’s particularly refreshing to see it come from Denmark, because the minimalistic trend has been riding for so long–I was wondering when someone was going to mix it up! Her use of color and pattern is absolutely thrilling! She’s collected items from all over the world.

Beata Heuman

Beata Heuman is a London-based designer who believes that “every room should sing”. Ha! I can get behind that. I’m loving her mix of textures, colors, and patterns, particularly with her bedrooms.

Luke Edward Hall

Luke Edward Hall is another London based designer and artist whose language is color. He’s done some really cool collaborations with furniture and fashion houses. I love following along on Instagram because he’s so good at spotting beautiful things.


Atelier Vime

I wouldn’t say Atelier Vime is the most colorful, but I LOVE the interiors they put together with their rattan products. They have revived and brought to life the old tradition in a beautiful way.

The Makerista

I’ve been digging how Gwen of The Makerista has been applying color in her home.

Matilda Goad

I had no idea I loved scallops so much until I found the work of London based designer, Matilda Goad. Her work is playful ye sophisticated. I love her blend of color and refinement.

Meta Coleman

Interior designer and stylist Meta Coleman is my dear friend here in Provo, Utah. She is OBSESSED with design so she’s always exposing me to the best sources. Our styles run so similar that it’s always a treat to talk shop. Here’s her office space in her home.

Molly Mahon

I have to give an honorable mention to Molly Mahon. She’s a block printer but some of the interiors she’s been showing lately have really rocked my world. All these patterns on patterns!

I’m realizing that the majority of the people on this list are either based in the UK or Europe, but I guess that’s where my tastes lay! I love the dash of old in a new vocabulary with tons of pattern on pattern! I’d love to hear if you have any designers or shops that I should check out?

And who is on YOUR list?


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  2. All of the designers mentioned are well-known in the interior designing world. Among all of them, The Apartment by Tina Seidenfeden Busck is my personal favorite.

  3. Love this article! It is inspirational. Please check out Grace Mitchell of Storied Style Interiors and her HGTV show One of a Kind. I have worked with her and she is not afraid of bold color and creative, personalized design.

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