Our favorite pieces from Drew Barrymore’s new home collection

Just in case you needed another reason to love Drew Barrymore, she’s gone and given us another reason to kiss the ground she walks on. Drew recently launched her home goods line, Flower Home, and wow is it something. She’s serving up all kinds of colorful and whimsical pieces for your home, with everything from an abstract layered table to an adorable pet bed. As a whole, the line makes for a beautifully eclectic collection, as if someone traveled the world and picked out their favorite pieces from each country. Think Anthropologie or West Elm, but with a price point that’s about half that. It might be her best performance since Never Been Kissed.

Flower Home offers a fresh perspective on so many of the exciting trends we’ve seen float through 2019. Ms. Barrymore has, in our humble opinion, successfully taken one of our favorite tones of the year, blush, and pushed it into an entirely new realm. She offers up a little bit of this and a little bit of that to make her collection fit just about anyone’s needs, and make our homes feel like a wonderfully curated, one-of-a-kind space. AND, she even has a great collection for kids, because all you moms out there know how hard it is to find great children’s stuff that is cute and not a bad price.

Her line is available not only at Walmart, but also Hayneedle.com and Jet.com. Below are a few of our favorite items you can shop right now.

Flower by Drew Home

  1. Velvet Track Arm Sofa
  2. Multi-tier Metal Accent Table
  3. Rattan Pendant Light
  4. Day Bird Print
  5. Green Decorative Vase
  6. Platform Bed
  7. Geometric Tray
  8. Chair
  9. Ceramic Stamped Side Table
  10. Marble Dinnerware
  11. Jute Area Rug
  12. Throw Pillow
  13. Home Green Glass Pendant Light

Ok, now for the kid’s collection. FINALLY, someone made a collection that color lovers will love!


  1. Rainbow Bed
  2. Pear Bookshelf
  3. Fruit Print
  4. House Bed Frame
  5. Rainbow Bookshelf
  6. Cloud Nightlight
  7. Pom Pillow
  8. Alligator Chest 

What are you eyeing?!



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