The new Lars Print Shop and flash sale!

We’ve been hustling behind the scenes on a special project and today we finally get to introduce you to our latest addition to The House That Lars Built shop, our Print Shop! Cue the confetti! In it you’ll find a collection of some of our favorite prints from our Book Club series featuring a host of awesome illustrators from around the world as well as some of our favorites from our long-time desktop calendar contributor, Monica Dorazewski.

While we’ve been offering our Book Club posters and bookmarks and desktop calendars as free downloads since we started both series 3 years ago, we’ve had a lot of people over the years request that we take it a step further and take out the hassle of the printing process altogether. We get it! Printing can get tricky! From actually getting it done, to finding a good printer, to putting it in a frame, then finally getting it up. How many of you have had good intentions but still blank walls?!

We heard you! And not only did we hear you, but we have given you the option to get it FRAMED and MATTED! Is your heart beating yet? 

Book Club Collection

Working with some of my favorite artists for Lars Book Club has been such a dream come true. I love pairing the artists with the book titles and seeing the magic they create with the artwork. How it has worked is like this: Julie, our Book Club leader, pulls quotes from the book, then we give a list of quotes to the illustrator. Whichever one speaks to them most is the one they depict. In the past we’ve had them add the quotes to the artwork as a tangible reminder of the book. There are so many good books from our list with so many words of wisdom that it’s been super inspiring to see how words translate into artwork.

The surprising part of the whole book club process is how wonderful the artists have been to work with. They have been so on board with the project and literally every time someone says yes, it feels like such a triumph. We feel truly honored to have these women. Additionally, it’s been super important to select women from all walks of life so that all types are represented. There are women from 4 different continents represented here.

From the large list of contributors we’ve had over the years, we had to narrow it down to just a few for this release. We chose some of our most popular prints combined with prints that we thought you might like to see more of. Some of the artists include Lisa Congdon, Merrilee Liddiard, Josefina Schargorodsky, Beci Orpin, Jacquline Diedam, Alli Stocco, Danielle Kroll, Kelsey Garrity-Riley, Rosie Harbottle, Yas Imamura, and Helen Dealtry.

Some of the prints underwent some minor adjustments like removing the quotes so that the artwork would be a bit more universal for a space.

You can find the Book Club Print Collection here. And, you can find FREE downloadable bookmarks here.

Monica Dorazewski

Monica Dorazewski (you might remember her as Monica Lynch), has been our long-time monthly desktop calendar artist and we’ve LOVED having her on board. Her artwork is at once whimsical and grounded. She always adds in something hilarious too. You guys have responded so positively over the years and have made requests over and over for prints so we felt like it was a natural step. You can now find prints in some of the most requested designs.

Some are perfect for a child’s room like One Little Bird, Gumballs, or Funny Faces. While others are a little bit more cheeky like Fruit Shoes, Longest Scarf, and Peacock and Waiting, which would be perfect for a teen’s room. Personally, I can’t wait to print out The Actual House That Lars Built (because that’s what I think it is!), and Joyous Leaves. But really, I love so many of them!

You can find the Monica Print Collection here.

Framed and Matted

Digital downloads will continue to be offered, as well as a print delivered straight to your door on the best paper and printing. You can even order it framed and matted. You can get it in black, white, natural wood, and brass. And guess what? FREE SHIPPING!

Lars Print Shop

Working with these awesome artists has been such a dream and now, each print you buy supports each artist directly. We can’t wait to continue adding to the shop in a variety of styles. If you have any artist suggestions, let us hear about it!


For today and tomorrow only everything is 15% off with code FRESHPRINTS.

Head on over to the new Print Shop to take a look around. We’d love to hear which ones are your favorites! Any that you wish had made on the list? Would love to hear it!


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