Introducing our New Organized Craft Palace!

If you’ve seen any of our stories lately, you may have noticed what might look like a small (or large) craft disaster happening in the background. It just so happens that this is a fairly normal occurrence for us. Our process looks a little something like craft, create mess, finish project, clean up, repeat, but right now it’s particularly a crazy fun house. After much denial of our crafting disasters we decided to face our problems head on and thats when we began our search for the perfect organizational system that would fit all of our stuff and take us from DIY purgatory to DIY heaven. And that’s when we stumbled upon the Original ScrapBox.

The Original ScrapBox

We’ve hit the jackpot. The Original ScrapBox has an amazing product called the DreamBox (the one we ordered) which has helped us organize and contain all of our supplies into one space making the creating process smooth and organized. We have to keep an endless amount of supplies on hand in order to keep up with all the projects on deck. We’ve had an ok system up until now, one that had all our supplies in boxes in our kitchen and garage, but, as you might imagine, this was not ideal, especially since we work in a separate part of the house than our supplies. It was not an efficient or desirable system.

SO, we began looking for something that would contain all of our needs in one place and we stumbled on the DreamBox. I was skeptical that it would hold all of our supplies, but as began filling it, I was pleasantly surprised at how much it squeezed in. They provide you with lots of clear boxes and dividers so you can organize the smallest of items, like sequins, to odd shaped items, like loose ribbons,  with conveniently placed bars.

$100-$200 off your DreamBox

As fellow makers, I can imagine that you might also be in need of a great organizational unit so we worked with Original ScrapBox to provide you with $100 off your very own DreamBox using code LARSDREAMBOX.  For even greater savings, use LARSDREAMBOX when you purchase the DreamCart with your DreamBox for $200 off.

We truly can’t sing enough praises.  Thank you The Original ScrapBox for giving us some peace of mind! We can’t wait to hear how the DreamBox changes your life too!

This post is sponsored by The Original Scrapbox. We love our sponsors who allow us to make new and original content for you! 


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