Valentines Napkin Folding Guide

As we gear up for Valentines day (you may have noticed we’re feeling extra lovey already this year with our crush dolls) we realized that we have neglected to show our table napkins some seasonal loving and decided this wrong must be made right immediately. We gave you the Thanksgiving napkins and the Christmas Napkins and it seems only right we give you some Valentines options too! In order to right this wrong we set out to find some extra adorable fancy napkin folding techniques that are bound to elevate not only looks but also the amount of love felt by those sitting at the table by at least ten fold. These napkins will add the perfect touch to make any table fit for this season!

You'll Need:


    The Geometric Heart Napkin

    Find the instructions here!

    The Love Letter Napkin

    Find the instructions here and the Love Postcard insert Here!

    The Good Fortune Napkin

    Find the instructions here!

    The Simple Heart Napking

    Find the Directions here!

    Be sure to tag us with #LarsLovesLove so we can see those tables in all their love and glory!


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