Our New Branding!

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Rebranding with Vistaprint

This day has been an embarrassingly long time in coming…maybe a year and a half? Two years? In any case, WAY too long. Maybe you noticed that our new website went live over Thanksgiving (more about that later!). We tried to keep the logo the same as before, but a new branded look kept on peeking its head into the project and saying “Hello, you need a new logo!” Well, we finally consented and had to try something with a bit more whimsy to it. And a new branding obviously needs…new packaging! 

We partnered up with Vistaprint once again (remember my christmas card and our holiday collab) to create all of our new marketing assets. We put our logo onto everything like letterhead, packaging stickers for all items from our shop, notebooks, pens, pillows!, sticky notes, and of course, business cards. 

We were perhaps a LITTLE too excited to put our new logo and feel onto everything, which is why we went to town, but we had such a good experience that we thought that other small companies might benefit from knowing about our experience. Vistaprint makes it easy and the quality is great so it was really the best choice for our needs. I mean, you could even make a fleece if you wanted to (not entirely on brand for us dress wearers, but you get the picture ;). 

Custom Business Cards

I have a blogging conference coming up (anyone else going to Alt Summit?) and I knew I’d need an updated business card. Vistaprint offers a variety of options like matte or glossy and a variety of thicknesses. I always love a super thick paper in a matte so that’s what we went for. The thickness is beautiful! Super pleased with them and I can’t wait to hand them out.  

Custom Pens

I don’t know what it is about a pen with your logo on it, but call me the Queen of England because all of a sudden I feel FANCY! Maybe you need one too! 

Custom Sticky notes

We designed our own look to match our website but kept it simple so that we’d have plenty of room to write. We love a good reminder! 

Custom Marketing Postcards

We used Vistaprint’s postcards to create some mailer inserts that go with each order we send out (hint: each one contains a code for a percentage off our store 😉 We got one with a glossy side and one without to test the difference and both are beautiful–can’t pick a favorite! 

Custome Letterhead and Address stickers

Our accountant has been asking for letterhead for ages so we can send something out that’s a little more professional. A year and a half later…granted! Simple and cute! 

Custom Pillows

As you know, I did custom pillows of Jasper’s face for the holidays (because what mother doesn’t?!) and we wanted to try it for our studio too, since we are currently updating our studio. We tried out our sequins pattern by Monica, which also comes as a gift wrap in our shop, and our classic lemon. LOVE how they turned out! We may even add on some poms to the corners, because, duh.

Custom Notebooks

Another product that’s making me feel super fancy is our custom notebooks. We put the sequin design on again and ordered it unlined (because doodling) and I’m so excited for our next meeting! 

Discount for you from Vistaprint

Ok! As you can see, we are a little over excited about our new marketing materials, but even more excited to share this nugget with you. Vistaprint will be offering 20% off new customer orders + free shipping on orders over $50 with code VPLARS Or, if you’re a Vistaprint veteran, returning customers can get up to 30% off with code SAVEMOREUS. 


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