How to make your own colorful glamping experience

Ahh. Don’t you love the scent of the fresh outdoors? Not. As a kid, my family didn’t camp much so I never developed a love for it. In fact, when I think of camp I think of last year’s met gala theme before I think of sleeping in a tent. However, I now recognize the value of camping. It’s an amazing way to enjoy the outdoors while having the ultimate sleepover. I tend to have a little reluctance when I’m invited camping, but if I am invited glamping, I want in. The difference between camping and glamping isn’t major, but the effect it has on your camping experience is major. At the heart of glamour-camping is comfort. Luxury. Style. Those are all things I love!! I thought about the reasons I don’t like camping, and found a fix presented by glamping. The key is figuring out how to be comfortable. For me, this means making the logistics of camping… smoother. I want to sleep well and eat well. And it helps if everything looks pretty too. 

I’m a bit bummed that we can’t travel this summer. While I’m not too eager to board a plane and jet off somewhere, I am very eager to get out of town! Glampsites have been filling airbnb recently and we are loving it! Whether you want to stay in a canvas tent in a national park, a boho vintage airstream in the desert, or a mini hut in California. That’s right, glamping doesn’t even always have to happen in a tent!

Glamping is the perfect solution for people whose trips were cancelled and might not be down for a major camping trip. A few years back, I made a few camping DIY projects and then glamped overnight in a friend’s treehouse. Yes, it was magical. I’m itching to go again!

Keep reading to learn how you can make your own luxury glampsite anywhere! Up the canyon, or in your own backyard. Trust us, even a stay-cation is worth it right now.


The main reason we never camped much was that none of us could ever fall asleep in a tent. It isn’t really the tent that was the problem though – it was the sleeping arrangements. Typical sleeping camp gear is lightweight, portable, and made out of nylon and polyester. None of that sounds comfortable!! Sorry outdoorsy people, but I’d pick a mattress with sheets and a comforter over a sleeping bag every time. Fancy outdoor retailers sell genuinely comfortable sleeping pads, but I’m looking for real luxury. I’m talking about a folding and portable memory foam mattress pad. I’ve slept on one of these babies before and can confirm that it rocks. Put two together and you’ve literally got a king sized bed.

My next tip for glamping is to bring your own bedding! Bring your sheets, pillows, and a nice quilt to wrap up in. I’m pretty attached to my pillow and know that I’ll sleep better with it than without it. If you aren’t backpacking, there’s no need to worry about space. Bring a fur throw blanket! A body pillow! Get luxe!



Before you head out to glamp, I recommend tossing in a few things from home. These items shouldn’t be entirely frivolous, but they shouldn’t be “necessary.” For example, I practically live in velvet slippers these days. What could be better than waking up somewhere beautiful and pulling on clean, warm slippers? The real trendy glampsites are filled with comfy poufs, plenty of pillows for lounging around eating s’mores, and rugs underfoot. We are all for this kind of glampsite decorating, especially if you only travelled as far as your backyard. But if you would rather leave your textiles at home and opt for a regular sleeping bag, there are still ways to beautify your campsite

I’d also plan ahead of time what kind of entertainment you’re bringing. If your camping company is musical, toss in a few portable instruments! We added this DIY guitar strap to ours last time we went camping so we could sing campfire songs all night long!

Games are a big hit with my extended family, so that’s a must-have. Cafe lights would be the perfect accessory to make your night outside feel like a scene from the magical play A Midsummer’s Night Dream. 

You can even include some DIY touches, for real summer camp vibes. Make some outdoors themed felt banners to hang in your canvas tent, or these DIY camp chair covers. And for a campsite craft everyone can get in on, these DIY yarn “God’s eye”s are classic!

Summer camp crafts - DIY yarn God's eyeDIY camp chair cover


One time in college I went camping with friends and was in charge of planning dinner for us. Mind you, we didn’t camp as kids, so I didn’t know what was normal camp food. I scoured grocery store aisles for a long time, debating which nonperishable items would be best. By the time I was done, I left with what we would call today a charcuterie board! Truly, I brought cured meats, snacking fruits and veggies, an aged cheese that would be fine in the cool night air, and a beautiful rustic loaf of french bread. Yes, my friends made fun of me, but we ate GOOD. I guess they were expecting dehydrated lasagna from a bag.

If you want to level up your camping cuisine and actually cook, try a tin foil dinner! The only real prep required is slicing, all of it can be done in advance. The tin foil packets can be cooked directly over a flame or grill, so there are no dishes to wash! *Cue the Hallelujah chorus.* My family makes tin-foil dinners like this one on the grill quite often. Pick any combo of veggies, starch, and protein, add some seasoning, and you’ve got a real meal! Before you start cooking, start the fire with this homemade herb firestarter and the whole campsite will smell great all evening long.

Another glamping food tip is to bring sliced produce and herbs to put in your water bottle. Who doesn’t love cucumber water? Load up all your snacks in advance in eco-friendly dishware and go enjoy nature. And of course we didn’t forget the American staple – s’mores! Learn how we make these homemade heart marshmallows here!

Here are some of our favorite colorful camp dining supplies below. Pro tip: For extra cuteness cover your coolers and waterbottles in stickers!



Glamping DIY - printable shadow puppetsglamping DIY - painted rock dominos

Bringing your own hand-painted cornhole set will just the touch of ~homemade fancy~ your glampsite needs, for looks and for entertainment. Or mix crafting and nature with these DIY painted domino rocks! Level up your scary stories with some fitting DIY shadow puppets. Of course card games and friendship bracelets are a must.


To wrap it all up, I think traditional camping is filled with unnecessary suffering. Yeah, I said it. Glamping, however, is easy and actually fun! If it’s cold, pack a tent-safe space heater. If it’s hot, bring a battery operated fan! Pack a big bowl to wash your hair in, and use shower wipes often to stay fresh. Oh, and wear clothing you actually like – any washing machine can handle a little dirt. I however, cannot, which is why I glamp.




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