DIY Balloon Medusa Costume

Perhaps Halloween will not look like previous years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up and take pics for the Grams! Because we all know that’s why we do it! And we’re pretty certain that this balloon Medusa costume will help you keep your social distance, both for the subject matter AND the width. As you know, we love working with balloons in unusual ways (remember Marie Antoinette?!) and Medusa is one we’ve had in mind for ages!

You'll Need:

DIY Balloon Snake Medusa Costume

We love a clever balloon project and have had this Medusa costume in mind for ages. Of course, if this was real life, there’s no way I’d be getting within 2 blocks, and that’s the beauty of using balloons instead!

How to make a Balloon Snake headpiece for Medusa

Here’s how we did it! It turned out to be a lot easier than we anticipated! Of course, we went WILD on the amount of balloons because, as we like to say, the more the merrier.


  • See list above!


  1. Blow up the balloons using our curly balloon method 
  2. Attach the balloons into the hair using bobbi pins. Use Glue Dots to glue the balloons to each other, intertwining them as you go. Fill them out as you go.
  3. Add make up
  4. Tape fake snakes to the clothes and add into hair.
  5. Voila!

It turned out to be MUCH easier than we anticipated. We were ready to add on swim caps and wig caps and insert the balloons into the caps, but we found that applying them directly into the hair was the best technique! Score!

Here’s the transformation. We worked on the make up at the same time as the balloons.

And you can see that it took some finessing to get the right shape.

Medusa Make up

Our intern, Calee Gardener, has done make up for theater and completed the look! We took our cues from traditional Green mythology and added in some color, of course.

You will need:

  • One fishnet Stocking
  • Green Eye Shadow matte and Shimmer
  • Blue Eye Shadow matte and Shimmer
  • Gold Eye Shadow Shimmer
  • White Eye Shadow
  • Foundation
  • Blue/green eyeliner
  • Green creme or liquid face paint
  • Brushes
  • Black eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • fake eyelashes/eyelash glue
  • Red Lipstick
1. Prepare a clean face with some light moisturizer.
2. Place fishnet stocking on head and pull down waist band so it covers the face.
3. Using green FX or cream make up on sponge or brush dab green paint onto skin over the fishnet along cheek bones and over eyebrows. Connect those sections with dabs of green paint.
4. Use a brush to dab splotches of blue and green eye shadow over the green paint.
5. Repeat on the opposite side and wait a minute or two for the paint to be fully dried.
6. remove stocking and see the pattern left behind. (be careful to not over saturate the stocking to keep the scales look intact)
7. Add gold eye shadow to the temples the edges of the green scales, and along the cheek bones.
8. Use green blue eye liner to outline eyebrows.
9. Spread a thin layer of a light creme foundation on eyelids
10. Start with white eyeshadow at eyebrow arch and closest to nose.
11. Use a green matte eye shadow for the base color of the eyelid. at green glimmer shadow.
12. Use blue eye shadow to press into the eyelid crease.
13. Blend gold eyeshadow from white section closest to the eyes into green shadow. Add extra gold along the lash line.
14. Blend eyeshadow to your liking and then add black cat eye shaped line to top eyelid.
15. line inner bottom eyelid with green blue eyeliner. Blend into white and gold eyeshadow.
16. add mascara to bottom eyelashes. Wait until fake eyelashes are applied and dried before adding top lashes mascara.
17. Use glue dots or eyelash glue to secure various gems and sequins onto temples and sides of face for extra glam.
18. Add blue contour to the nose, just under cheek bone, and under the jawbone onto the neck.
19. ARMS: slide fishnet stocking onto arm and use similar green dabbing technique to add scales to the arms.
20. Finish off the look with little scale on arms and face drawn with the blue eyeliner pen. Try small groupings for the best look.

Have you ever tried out balloons for snakes? Highly recommend it! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Tag us with #LarsInCostume or #LarsHalloween. Would love to see your costumes whether it’s Medusa or anything.

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