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DIY Epoxy Garage

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  • LHarlow says

    I’m all about the epoxy garage floor. The previous owner had the floors done. It does elevate the (my) garage experience. Feels better under my feet, and clean ups are a breeze.

  • Ashley says

    Did you consider adding any texture to the floor to reduce slippage? A few contractors we spoke to mentioned this. Also how about cracks? Did you have any of those to fix or didn’t worry about it?

    • Brittany says

      We didn’t do that. We haven’t found it to be slippery! We had a few cracks that we filled in prior to applying the epoxy!

  • Sheila says

    Do you think the same process would work on my front steps? They have been covered with paint over cement for a long time. Predictably that surface chips + peels, while epoxy seems like it would hold up better.