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Design + Life + Projects / Friday, 19 Jan 2018

Before and After: Our baby boy nursery mural

Baby boy nursery muralIf you follow along on Instagram Stories you will have spied a ton of sneak peeks of the mural we’ve been working on in our new baby nursery. You guys had so many sweet comments to offer and they really get me even more excited than I already am. Baby Boy Lars is due anytime now (gahhh!) so I’m trying to wrap up the details of his nursery (and work and taxes and life and etc. etc.). But, I just had to talk about the mural first as it’s so stunning and I’m super giddy about it. I teamed up with BEHR®Paint to bring it to life and had such a great experience. It’s because of them that I actually took the nursery seriously in the first place. Who knows when or IF I would have done anything about it. But clearly, something had to be done. Here are the beige before pictures: Read on →

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Book Club + Life / Tuesday, 16 Jan 2018

The Devil’s Cloth printable poster

The Devil's Cloth Printable Poster

Readers, let’s hear your thoughts! Have you been enjoying The Devil’s Cloth? It may be a small book, and it may be a very narrow topic of discussion, but it’s packed with information and abundant food for thought. We’ve got some discussion questions for you, as well as other reading suggestions (Pastoureau has written several about color!) if you enjoyed this book. We also have more amazing printable artwork for you! This month’s illustrator is Jaqueline Diedam whose work is absolutely dreamy! The Devil's Cloth Printable Poster

Check out the discussion questions and download the Devil’s Cloth Printable Poster and Bookmark! 

Read on →

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Life / Friday, 12 Jan 2018

Introducing…Craft the Rainbow

Craft the Rainbow book by Brittany Jepsen

It’s no secret we’ve been steadily working on a book while simultaneously producing a full month of content every month (or nearly every month–yes, it was a doozy of a year!). But what has been secret is the theme and the name. Today I’m so pleased to finally reveal the name of the book: Craft the Rainbow: 40 Colorful Paper Projects from The House That Lars Built as well as share with you the cover! Here she is in all her glory. But you know what? Don’t let that black font deceive you. Oh no no no. The final version has gold leaf galore and is suped up. It’s beautiful. Trust me.

Based on our popular hashtag #CraftTheRainbow (and check out our Instagram handle dedicated to it) started nearly 4 years ago now (you can read more about it here), Craft the Rainbow book features 9 chapters divided by color including a chapter solely dedicate to rainbow crafts, because if there’s anything I’ve learned in the last four years, it’s that everybody loves looking at color arranged in rainbow order. And this book is my ode to color. It’s a celebration of it and how to use it successfully in your own making. And, it’s not bad to look at, if I do say so myself 😉

When is it out?

April 24 is the official release date and we’ll be announcing the pre-order date soon, complete with freebies galore!

BUT! In the meantime, we’re looking to celebrate with some pre-launch festivities for some of our favorite readers, you in particular. Yes, that means you! And you! And you! And even you over there. It’s an all-inclusive party that you won’t want to miss out on. Over the next few months until the release, we are hosting this special team over on a closed Facebook group. This group will have access to sneak peeks of the book, giveaways for amazing prizes, discount codes to awesome brands, and weekly challenges to join the Craft the Rainbow movement! These will be exclusive offers to the members of the Facebook group, but we want everyone to benefit, so make sure to join in on the fun! The more the merrier! Read on →

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Life / Monday, 8 Jan 2018

January Book Club: A History of Stripes

The Devil's Cloth: The History of Stripes

The Devil’s Cloth: A History of Stripes

Happy New Year, readers! Welcome to (or back to) the Lars Book Club! We love to read, share, and discuss wonderful books about art, design, flowers, you name it! Throw in a good classic, an inspiring self-help, and a juicy memoir or two, and that’s a recipe for a great reading year.  We’re so glad you’re here and hope you will feel comfortable enough with this online, no-pressure book club to share your thoughts. We want to hear from YOU!

January’s book covers a topic you may have never put an ounce of thought to stripes! Playful, fresh, bold, or feminine, stripes are all around us. But have you ever thought where they began? Or their meanings? The Devil’s Cloth: A History of Stripes by Michel Pastoureau sheds some light on these questions! With examples from history, Pastoureau makes us think about the origins of something we’ve accepted as a fashion norm in our lives today. Enjoy and please follow along via @larsbookclub!

Stay tuned for a mid-month post with discussion questions, additional reading suggestions, and illustrated printables! We commission an artist each month to create a corresponding poster and bookmark just for YOU, lovely readers! It’s always a treat and something to look forward to each month. Happy reading! We’re excited for another year!

Photography by Clara Sumsion Jones

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Life + Projects / Friday, 5 Jan 2018

Top 10 posts of 2017

Top ten posts of 2017Last year at this time we were just about to start photographing our new book (out this year!) and life was CHAOTIC! The book had been something we had been planning for a number of months, years really, but even with planning, the load was much more intense than any of us could have been prepared for. And though the actual shoot was only two weeks (and many of those round the clock), it dipped into our February and March and April and…let’s just call it a very involved project. And then for some crazy reason we decided to take on another book project later in the year, which mostly finished up while I was on my trip to France in October, but is yes, still going on 😉 This is all to say that the tone of 2016 was set with chaos and it took awhile for me to get in the normal swing of things. Whatever normal means.  Read on →

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