City guides + Life + travel / Wednesday, 9 Aug 2017

Las Vegas City Guide

Illustrated Downtown Las Vegas City map

I grew up visiting Las Vegas WAY more than I ever wanted to. Being from Southern California, it was always a practical pit stop on our way to other destinations. Admittedly, it’s a welcome sight after miles of thirsty desert, and for a child it’s a fantastical Disneyland of sorts. But you get into walking the strip and realize, “hey wait a minute, there’s something odd about this city of neon lights and magic shows” (alas, it may have something to do with the hundreds of naked girl fliers being passed out by men flicking them in their hands). After an unfortunate experience with my family involving not reserving a hotel for the night and ending up at a trucker motel in North Vegas and finding a surprise in the bathroom (hint: it’s not what a 10 year old should be seeing and no, it was not a dead body), I swore off Sin City. 

However, since moving to Utah it has since become the closest destination with some sort of entertainment component and I LOVE staying in hotels so we’ve been discovering the city more and more and you know what? There is WAY more than meets the eye. I recently met illustrator Abbie Paulhus who introduced me to the lesser-known and totally rad side of Las Vegas and today she’s sharing her favorite spots along with this beautifully illustrated map.

I’m so excited to get to share about this because I’m so passionate about people seeing that there’s more to Vegas than just the strip and “sin city”. Here are my favorite spots in the arts district of Downtown Las Vegas:

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Design + Life + Round ups + Shop + Shop the rainbow / Tuesday, 8 Aug 2017

Lars’ Favorite Phone Cases

Lars favorite phone cases

Are you the type of person that needs to switch their phone case every couple of months? I feel like when a new season rolls around I tend to want to switch things up! You carry your phone with you everywhere and it becomes almost like an accessory. That being said, it deserves to look good! I don’t know about you, but I prefer eye-candy over eye-sores. We’ve rounded up quite the variety of phone cases from flowers to brush strokes, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your fancy! At least until next season rolls around… 😉 Read on →

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DIY + Projects + Style / Monday, 7 Aug 2017

Rickrack Blouse Three Ways

Ric Rac blouseHave you noticed that rickrack has seen a bit of a resurgence? You know, the zig zag ribbon that you’d often see on little girls dresses in the 90’s? Its hay day was in the 70’s when mod little dresses were adorned with loads of rickrack in punchy primary colors. You would see it on the hems of dresses, skirts, and aprons, as well as on sleeves, waistbands, and collars! I have a few vintage aprons from my grandmother with rickrack that I adore! When I began to see it more and more places, I couldn’t have been happier. It adds a fun kitschy touch to whatever it’s applied to.

To show just how much we love it, we’re showing you how to make a rickrack blouse three ways! We added it to the button band, the collar, and to various seams. Pick a blouse in need of a pick-me-up and add some rickrack to do the job!

Check out all the different options!

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Life / Sunday, 6 Aug 2017

On the cover!

Where Women Create The House That Lars Built

I never know where to draw the line between narcissism and just plain ‘ole keeping you in the know, but since I had a few friends spot the latest issue of Where Women Create and call me out for not saying anything, I thought I’d spell it out: yes, that’s me on the cover! And yes! I got my red polka-dot tights in there!

I’ve loved reading this magazine over the past many years because it gives a great view about women of all ages and backgrounds and their creative businesses and spaces. In fact, I wish I would have known about it when I was young–I think it would have helped drive my creative ambitions sooner. Sometimes you just don’t know that certain jobs or lives exist until you see someone living it and then you realize, “why can’t that be me?”

The article is one that I penned about my experience in the creative industry so far. I’ve mentioned bits and pieces of it over the years, but I go into more details here. I’m still constantly shocked that I have a job that supports my family, and now several other people. Of course, it’s also not shocking because I’ve worked super hard at it over the years, but to think that a hobby turned into a career is something I’m learning to be proud of. And I say “learning to be proud of” because I find that I don’t always celebrate the milestones–I’m REALLY excellent at acknowledging the milestonesI have NOT reached yet. I also spill some details about some progress going on behind the scenes that I haven’t addressed on the blog. So, if you’re interested, go pick up a copy at your local bookstore or craft store or buy online here.

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Design + Life / Friday, 4 Aug 2017

Touring Color Factory

You’re in for a treat with this post, folks! I’m sure by now you’ve seen the crazy photos that are being posted about Color Factory, a two-story color experience with room after room of Instagram-worthy set ups spear-headed by the ever-visionary, Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day, in San Francisco. Last week I took a quick trip to see it in person.

The color maze culminates in the yellow ball pit, which made for the best “reverse” function on Stories of all time, no?!

No detail was left untouched as I wound through, including these stripey stairs, which just so happened to go well with my dress.
Color Factory in San Francisco

And the facade alone is enough to bring you to SF! Read on →

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