How to make a giant marbled Easter egg care package

Another holiday, another care package. It’s a given. And also a given? Oversized. Perfect for stuffing with your favorite sweets and goodies! This Easter, we’ve got a tutorial on how to make a giant marbled Easter egg care package. Because who wouldn’t want this colorful surprise for the holiday?

Find out how to make the Easter egg care package below, and view some more Easter gift ideas and surprises!

You’ll Need:

I’m a big fan of gift-giving, especially when you can make the gift yourself! I’m also a fan of surprises for the holidays, like our Valentine’s heart attacks 1, 2, 3, and 4. Instead of heart attacks, for Easter, we’re “egging” family and friends (in the safest and most adorable way!). Check out the post here. For loved ones who live farther away, we created this tutorial for a giant marbled Easter egg care package, that way you can ship it wherever!
The egg I used in yesterday’s robin’s egg tutorial came in a 3-egg set so I had to put them all to use. I decided to use the “you’ve been egged” theme again for this care package, because who doesn’t want to get egged in the mail? I didn’t just fill it with paper egg shapes, but I added egg candy too. Don’t fret.

DIY giant marbled Easter egg care package


  • giant easter egg (got mine at Michael’s and before Easter it’s 40% off so you can stock up for next year too)
  • nail polishes in the shades of your choice
  • stick or wire
  • colored paper
  • bucket


  1. Fill a bucket with water, enough to cover the egg with.
  2. With the nail polish, add drops to the water. Because the egg is so large you’ll need to add enough drops so it pretty much covers the size of the egg.
  3. With a stick or wire or something, swirl the paint around creating the marble look.
  4. Submerge your egg in the water. The paint should attach to the egg.
  5. Redip it to cover the areas not covered.
  6. Cut out egg-shapes out of the colored paper. Add notes on them if you wish.
  7. Create your package: I added in candy and other fun Easter stuff.
  8. To make it really secure through the mail (I’m sending it as is, no box!), I glue gunned the two parts together. The recipient will have to use a little force (and possibly x-acto) to open, but I think it’s better to be safe than sorry in the mail.

Thank you to Andrea for helping me with the project. Be sure to show us your final marbled Easter egg care package with the tag #larsmakes on Instagram.

DIY and photography by Brittany Watson Jepsen



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