Behind the scenes of Little Birds


Remember the Little Birds feature from Milk Magazine that I produced with Chaunte Vaughn as photographer and Danielle Wilson on fashion? It’s one of my all time favorite projects that I’ve ever participated on. I thought I’d show you a behind the scenes look at what went on.

rad treehouse

I’ve used Quinn and Katrina’s treehouse for previous shoots but we felt it was the best place to capture the spirit of our little birds so they were on board once again for another Lars takeover. Thanks Q and K!

You know you’ll see a shot and it looks like you’re peeking in from behind a tree? Yes, that “tree” in this case is Chaunte holding up some branches that we had foraged from a nearby neighborhood.

behind the scenes of Little Birds

Danielle created some amazing pieces of clothing. She hand dyed all the fabrics with a technique she’s been honing to create a grey parrot, pink flamingo, green peacock, and white swan. Read more about her process here. It’s amazing what she did in UNDER A WEEK! This was a Project Runway for the books. I mean, look at the pink flamingo, each “feather” has three layers of pinks to it. It’s incredible. And if you have little girls, check out her site of whimsical play clothes.behind the scenes of Little Birdsbehind the scenes of Little BirdsSwayzie is one of my favorite little models. She’s so sweet and great at modeling, even though she’s probably better at soccer 🙂 You see these rugs below? Interwoven generously loaned us these gorgeous rugs. We turned them upside down and they worked like a charm! 

behind the scenes of Little Birds

Photography by Chaunte Vaughn  |  Fashion by Danielle Wilson  |  Produced by Brittany Jepsen for Milk Magazine  |  Rugs loaned from Interwoven

See the full story below. 

behind the scenes of Little Birds behind the scenes of Little Birds Danielle+Wilson+Flamingo-1 Danielle+Wilson+Flamingobehind the scenes of Little Birds Danielle+Wilson+Flamingo+2 Danielle+Wilson+Flamingo+3 Danielle+Wilson+Parrot Danielle+Wilson+Parrot+1 Danielle+Wilson+Peacock Danielle+Wilson+Swan Danielle+Wilson+Swan+1 behind the scenes of Little Birds behind the scenes of Little Birds behind the scenes of Little Birds behind the scenes of Little Birds

At one point we tried bringing animals into the picture. These Irish wolfhounds were more afraid of the little girls than the girls were afraid of them, so they didn’t quite make it into the pictures.behind the scenes of Little Birds behind the scenes of Little BirdsOur prop table.

Little Birds Thank you to everyone who helped out with the shoot. There were a lot of assistants behind the scenes that were making it all possible. And thanks for your support on the project. You guys have given it such a warm reception!




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