April 2017 Desktop Downloads

April 2017 Desktop Downloads

April 2017 Desktop Downloads are here! Did you know that Denmark has a national holiday known as “Organic Day”? On a Sunday in April, thousands of organic dairy cows are released into the green pastures of Spring after a long winter cooped up inside. The change of scenery seems to make some very happy cows and they jump, play, and almost dance! It’s a fairly recent holiday, first celebrated in 2005, and brings attention to Denmark’s focus on the organic food initiative. But, back to the dancing cows! There are tons of videos online documenting the prancing dairy cows and it’s the cutest sight! I think we should all follow suit and jump for joy this spring! Despite all the April (snow) showers, May flowers are on the horizon! These April 2017 desktop downloads are the perfect reminder!

Continue on for the free downloads! 

April 2017 Desktop Downloads

April 2017 Desktop Downloads

April 2017 Free Desktop Downloads

Designs by Monica Lynch 


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