A Cut Above the Rest: Best Scissors Guide

After celebrating Fiskars 50th Anniversary of the orange-handled scissors, we realized just how critical scissors are in our day to day life here at Lars. We use scissors here all the time! And let me tell you, one size does not fit all, folks. Whether you’re a serious crafter, an embroidery enthusiast, or one who prefers printables, there is a pair of scissors out there you didn’t know you needed.

The right pair of scissors can make a huge difference depending on the type of project you’re working on. That’s where we come in. I’m pretty sure there is no such thing as a scissor expert, but if there was, give me the certificate right now! We’ve rounded up the best on the market, explaining their strengths and ideal projects to make with them.

Quick Tip

Dull scissors got you down? Try this easy trick! Simply fold a piece of aluminum foil or sandpaper with the grain facing out on both sides, and cut your scissors through it a few times. This should sharpen them and help them retain their sharpness as well.

Fun Fact!

Martha Stewart carries around a pair of embroidery scissors with her at all times. She uses them for everything, from a ribbon for a gift or snipping a loose thread on her jacket.

General Scissors Guide

  1. Fringe:
    1. To create fringe 10X faster than normal scissors! Perfect for… almost all paper flowers, including this summer flower garland
  2. Pinking Shears
    1. To create a zig-zag edge. This eliminates fraying when using fabric pinking shears. Perfect for… adding pockets to your dress!
  3. Non-Stick
    1. Cuts through tape and adhesive without getting sticky. Perfect for… installing the giant sequin backdrop or any balloon arch!
  4. Fabric
    1. Cuts through fabric with ease. Never use fabric scissors on paper! Perfect for… fabric watches.
  5. Embroidery
    1. When you need to cut threads, trim fabric, or work with small applique. Perfect for… doing some embroidery!
  6. Precision
    1. Great for making small and precise cuts with paper. Perfect for… the 3-D Paper Flower gift topper!
  7. Decorative Edge
    1. Commonly used for scrapbooking back in the day, but great for paper flowers and quirky gift wrap. Perfect for… some lovely gift wrap!
  8. All-Purpose
    1. Your go-to for the average, run-of-the-mill project! These are by far our favorites! So comfortable and sharp blades with an adjustable screw to control tension for heavy or light duty projects. Perfect for… the Paper plant Tablescape.
  9. Tabletop Shears
    1. Ideal for large projects that you need to cut along a flat surface without needing to pick up your scissors, especially for fabric. Perfect for… the DIY Fabric catch-all.
  10. Soft Grip
    1. For projects requiring lots of cutting, these are great for lessening hand exhaustion. Perfect for… the Poppy Backdrop.
  11. Mixed Media
    1. Chipboard, aluminum, wallpaper, canvas, leather, balsa wood, etc! Scissors strong enough for all your mixed media projects. Perfect for… Aluminum flower covered basket
  12. Pretty!
    1. For styling purposes, or just a special day when you want to feel like a craft queen! Perfect for… styling products! Studio Carta has a lovely variety of scissors to choose from, as do many other craft and antique stores.

Now, let’s get into the nitty gritty!
Guide to how to use scissors

Sewing Scissors

Though there are quite a number of scissors specifically for all different types of sewing projects, here are some of our favorite basics:

  1. Basic fabric scissors
  2. Thread cutters
  3. Also thread cutters (just so so cute! and airline approved!)
  4. Mixed media shears
  5. Table-top shears. Ideal for large projects that you need to cut along a flat surface without needing to pick up your scissors, especially for fabric. Perfect for… the DIY Fabric catch-all.
  6. Small detailing scissors. For those smaller projects that need a sharp cut.

Guide to how to use scissors

Shape Maker Scissors

  1. Fringe scissors. These are some of our favorites to use. They’re especially good for pinata making and any project needing a fringe.
  2. Decorative trim scissorsYou probably used these as a kid, but don’t let that think they’re juvenile. They can be elevated and sophisticated. Rebecca Thuss of the paper flower book, Paper to Petal, uses them for many of her gorgeous blooms.
  3. Decorative trim scissorsAs above, these ones come in a set of 4! Guide to how to use scissors

The Pretties

I love collecting scissors and have been doing so for a number of years now. My favorites are the pretty decorative ones that are pure eye candy. Here are some of my favorites (and some have gorgeous blades too!)

  1. Baby copper. I found these at an import shop in Portland called Cargo
  2. Iridescent scissors.
  3. Baby Parveens (can be found on Etsy)
  4. Vintage. Found on Etsy
  5. Schoolhouse scissors from a vintage market (search for “vintage scissors” on Etsy)
  6. Decorative handle children’s scissors from a vintage market (search for “vintage scissors” on Etsy)
  7. Parveen scissors. Beautiful, hand-forged scissors
  8. Mini Parveen scissors.
  9. Decorative scissors from Anthropologie.
  10. Rose gold scissors from Studio Carta.
  11. Red scissors from Studio Carta
  12. Nate Berkus scissors. Heavy duty, pretty, and work well too!
  13. Decorative Scissors from Anthropologie
  14. Beautiful scissors from Studio Carta.
  15. Eiffel tower scissors. Because they’re just adorable.
  16. Mini scissors from Cargo in Portland
    Guide to how to use scissors

The Basics

I’m guessing that the majority of you have a trusty pair of scissors that you use for most things and if that’s the case, these are our top picks!

  1. Martha Stewart scissors. A new classic. These have the best, clean cuts!
  2. Small Martha Stewart scissors. For smaller projects. Especially great for small paper flower projects.
  3. Fiskars soft gripFor a little more comfort.
  4. Fiskars classicCan’t go wrong with the classic!

Scissor Upkeep

Once every few months, lightly oil your scissors with an oil that won’t stain, such as mineral oil. After cutting fabric, brush your scissors with a small paintbrush to keep lint from getting into the screws and locking them up. And remember, paper is dulling to any kind of scissors. So, keep your fabric and paper scissors clearly marked, like with a permanent marker, so that you don’t use your more expensive fabric scissors on paper. Try not to drop your scissors as this can break them or knock them out of alignment.

Do you have a favorite brand or type of scissors? Let’s swap craft secrets!

Photography by Clara Sumsion


  1. I have a pair of scissors that have been in the family for a couple of generations and have been wondering what your outlook on them was..time period, usage, or whatever u think haha just every one has been fighting on who gets them next they all think they are worth a million bucks and just wanna sell them and I’m just trying to find the history on them and help would be appreciated thanks, joe

  2. Hello! Thank you for a lovely post! Have you ever come across a pair of vintage scissors that were used to make decorative edges for vintage photographs? Best regards, Linn


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